Have You Met Me yet?

Hi, I’m Emily, a Lifestyle Blogger from Hampshire, encouraging you to start building a life you love. Expect a sprinkling of creativity and art along the way as I inspire you to incorporate it into your everyday life, to help you escape your busy 9-5.

There will be advice, think pieces and tips and tricks relating to creativity, travel, lifestyle and being an millennial in the real world.

If I am not blogging you will find me dreaming about all the stationery I could buy if I was a millionaire; drawing Disney characters; planning my next trip so I can whack out my camera or stuffing my face with as many Sensations crisps as I can throughout an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

You can find me over on Instagram where I will be sharing my love for photography that I take when I am out and about and maybe even a (pretending) ‘candid’ shot of me looking like a walking canvas with a Friends quote or two.

(You can also stalk my ‘artagram’… see what I did there?)

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then get stuck in and hopefully you will be inspired to start your own passions too.


How To Stay In Touch

If you want to work with me, then make sure you send me an email at or if you just want to come say hi make sure you catch me on social media!