I love abstract art at the moment; I wouldn’t be doing all those Disney Zentangle pieces if I didn’t. But I never used to like them, at school we did a couple of different abstract styles and I just didn’t understand how it was art- a few random strokes on the paper- but then I found Faye Halliday and loved her abstract animals she drew with patterns and I decided that I wanted to do something similar to her. It takes a lot of practice to get better at a style of art and over time and taking some tips from my school art teachers for GCSE I learnt some techniques on how to start.

5 Top Tips For Creating Abstract Art
5 Top Tips For Creating Abstract Art

5 Top Tips For Creating Abstract Art

Doesn’t Matter If You Make Mistakes

When you first start something new, you are bound to make mistakes, but art is about knowing how to hide or use those mistakes within your drawing. I love drawing patterns because you can hide mistakes within the patterns that you draw. I have made mistakes on what sort of pattern I wanted to use, so you can colour over it or blend it into another pattern.

Listen To Music

Music is a very powerful thing; you can use it to help make up your own patterns and lines by listening to the tempo and how the music makes you feel. We did an exercise like this in my GCSE class where we had to just paint whatever we felt with the music and just practise making different marks. It is a great way to start learning how your materials work.

Don’t Worry About Colour

I would stick with black and white while your practising because then you don’t have to focus on too many things at once. I preferred not overwhelming myself with too much to do, but now I would love to experiment with colour in my drawings and see which media works well with the type of art that I like to do.

Find An Abstract Artist You Like And Get Inspiration From Them

Look on social media for similar styles that you can get inspiration from. With the zentangle art, I loved fayehallidayart and tobiasillustrations who are found on Instagram. I would look to them for more inspiration and motivation to practise my own skills so that I could reach a standard I am proud of. I am definitely nowhere near as good as them, but looking back to where I started I have improved so much!

Copy Someone’s Style For Your Own Artwork

We had to do this for our own GCSE projects so I did this to help me learn different zentangle patterns and how different artists used it in their work. I would then do my own version using the patterns I had learnt from other people. Sometimes copying other artists really helps you improve your own skills- just make sure you credit the artist that you took your inspiration for. Once you get more confidence you won’t need to look at other artists pictures and you’ll be able to make up your own marks that make up your drawing/painting.

What are your tips for creating abstract art?