Artwork: Emotions, Memories, Aspiration & Motivation

I wrote a post as to how to get inspiration for artwork, this time I am going to find reasons for what makes the art inspirational. Inspiration can mean many things to different people.

It is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

This could be discovered from many different resources or even your environment. This is such a personal thing and each person will have different emotions with every painting, so this is purely on what I want to see in a piece of artwork. Art is inspirational when it can bring out an emotion, a memory, aspirations and give you the motivation to get better at your craft. This really helps within my reasoningโ€™s for why art is inspirational to me.

art emotions motivation

Artwork: Emotions, Memories, Aspiration & Motivation


I love artwork that makes you feel happy and comfortable when looking at their artwork. It needs to have beauty in your eyes to make you think of happy memories and events that may have happened in your life. For me, this is normally landscapes of beaches because I remember many wonderful days at the beach over my childhood and throughout my adult life too. It is so relaxing and mysterious at the same time! I also love pictures of nature as well; flowers always make me feel happy!




When artwork takes you to another land or country that you have always wanted to visit and they bring their version of what makes that country so beautiful. I picked up an elephant fine art drawing the other day from a market stall of an incredibly detailed elephant, which got me dreaming of one day being able to go and volunteer with elephants as that is what I am dreaming of doing at some point in my lifetime. When art enables you to realise your dreams and discovers what you want out of life it becomes very meaningful to you individually.


I absolutely LOVE seeing drawings of cats on Instagram maybe that is because I used to have one, unfortunately, he passed away. But seeing artwork like this just brings back happy memories, there is nothing more special than a bond between you and your pet. I cannot put that into words, if you have a pet you will know what I mean! Saying that any animal drawing is cute, I love them!



Cheshire cat

Exquisite Details

Detailed artwork is so inspirational because it motivates me to become better at artwork. I love trying to do detailed drawings of animals and celebrities and seeing how detailed some artists are always encouraging me to strive for something better next time. I may never be as good as these artists but there will always be something to learn from them. Learning the craft is really important to improving your skills as an artist anyway.




The Wow Factor

Looking at abstract artwork is so much fun as your view on that piece of work will be totally different from other people. Zentangle is what I love at the moment as well and seeing other peopleโ€™s amazing masterpieces lets you see how they implement light and dark areas into their drawing and other pattern ideas which you could use in a different way. There are so many patterns which are used in zentangle artwork, so finding new ones to use is always a bonus.




What artwork makes you inspired?