Canterbury is a lovely city with cobbled streets in the South East of England. It has a lot of history and is one of the most haunted cities in England. We also had a quick look at an Abbey ruin which was home to St Augustine the first Duke of Canterbury and a Cathedral which has beautiful architecture but we didn’t want to go in because there was scaffolding on the building. There were the usual high street shops which are always useful and a good selection of pubs and restaurants.

We went on a lovely boat tour with Canterbury Punting and was taken down the river to see some of the beautiful wildlife and historical feature of Canterbury. The boat tour that we went on was a 40-minute tour with a man telling us about the wildlife they have in the river. It was so relaxing and a great photography opportunity.

The one thing I found fascinating about this City were the ghost stories. We only got the pleasure of hearing two different stories and I have tried to remember as much as I can about them. I definitely want to go on a ghost tour now but I think it will be better when the nights draw in. Might just have to come back for a visit in October when Halloween is coming up, what better way to celebrate Halloween.

There was a girl shivering by the river, a man passes by, the girl cries “could I get a lift to my house? It’s only a few minutes down the river”  and being a kind gentleman he is he let her on the boat. But the boat didn’t move as she went on, the man thought nothing of it as she is a small girl and this is a heavy boat. So he pulled away. He looked at the girl and she was still shivering so he gave her his coat and she thanked him. She said “here is my house” so the man let her out. But as soon as he turned around she had vanished, no thank you, nothing. He thought how rude, and she still has my coat, I’ll just get it in the morning as it’s late and I know where she lives. When the man knocked on the door an old lady came to answer. The man said, “I was giving a girl a lift who lives here and she has still got my coat” he didn’t want to assume that she had stolen it.  The old lady looked horrified and said: “oh no, she’s doing it again, I know exactly where your coat is.” The old lady took the man to a cemetery and on top of the tombstone was the coat that the old man was wearing.

There was another girl, hair as green as the weeds and hands like the roots of the willow trees. She was very lovely and just wanted people to play with. She would put a coin on the surface of the water to attract people passing in boats. If you were to reach for this coin, it would appear deeper than expected until your center of gravity had been altered and you would fall out of the boat. The girl would force you down in the river and then realize you couldn’t play anymore. But she didn’t know that humans can’t breathe under water like she can. She would soon be lonely again.


I had an amazing day in Canterbury, I would love to learn some more ghost stories about the area as I found them really interesting. At least that gives me another reason to come back again at another time. 

Have you ever been to Canterbury?