When I was volunteering with disadvantaged children in Romania we had some free time to explore the surrounding areas at the weekend. These 3 weeks away were amazing and I met some amazing people and the places we went to were breath-taking. I couldn’t have asked for a better adventure than this, I need to do something similar to this again soon!

Dracula’s Castle

On this free day we decided to go to Dracula’s castle in Brasov; followed by a cable car ride. Dracula’s Castle was situated on top of a hill overlooking some amazing views. The castle itself was also interesting with history about the people who used to live there, if your into history, you should definitely take a visit. Even if you’re not, like myself, the views are worthwhile and I still enjoyed exploring around the castle (had lots of unique features). The market outside this attraction was quaint and sold a variety of different things like handbags, jewellery, magic boxes. Great little treats for my family back home.

Following this we went to a cable car ride high into the mountains. The view from the top was incredible. The cable car only took 2 minutes to get to the top; so it didn't really hit me how high we were until we reached the top where there was a massive drop. Definitely a photo opportunity!

draculas castle
dracula's castle

Mine and Salt Lake

A mine and a salt lake were on the list for the second day of travelling around the area. The mine was huge; they even had a ‘go ape’ course, badminton, table tennis, bouncy castle, museum and church inside this one mine. The salt lake was my favourite part of the trip so far! The water was unbelievably salty (clue in the name!), enabling me to float without doing anything, which was an experience which I've never done before. Like all the places in Romania, the scenery surrounding the lake was beautiful. It's not every day where you’re swimming and can see mountains and trees wherever you looked. It was like a dream.

boat lake

Boat Lake and Grand Canyons

The lake was just as lovely as the one we went to previously. However, instead of swimming, we rowed in a boat around the lake. There were mountains and trees wherever we looked. Thankfully we picked the person who had rowed before so I don't think we crashed once!

The canyons were incredible; there were huge cliffs either side of this narrow road. On some points of this road we were walking down there were huge drops. It was fun trying to dodge out of the way of a bus, whose driver see need to have forgotten how big his vehicle was. There was a stream running down. So at the bottom we did some rock climbing which was a good picture opportunity.


Peles Castle

We went to another castle called Peles, which was where the Kings/Queens of Romania lived. The castle was spectacular from the outside which followed inside the castle as well. There were massive rooms and the ceilings were so high, flowing with unique and impressive features. We got some pictures with our group and Peles Castle in the background.

peles castle romania

Have you ever been to Romania?