I went to Blackpool in October to visit my brother who has recently moved there due to his university course for a weekend getaway. Whilst we were in Blackpool we stayed In a hotel which was so luxurious. Our evening meal consisted of beautifully served up food and a wonderful drink of wine. The best wine I have ever had. There were folk singers, lights everywhere and a sandy beach, it was great to have some time away and forget about anything stressful for a little while. 

blackpool beach


The first day in Blackpool, we decided to go for a full English breakfast and then walk around the little seaside town once we had got off the tram which had numerous stops along the seaside. There were so many quirky shops and the traditional casino type places that you expect near the seaside. We also had a lovely walk along the beach and just took in all the attractions. Also, there is not one but three piers along the coast which allows for so much entertainment and drinks-lets not forget the wine! 

Blackpool seaside

Winter Gardens

We also had a meal here and walked around the incredible building. It has amazing features and even home to a ballroom! Can't forget about the iconic statue, with Morecambe and Wise, (British comedians)! It was such a beautiful place, the architecture is like nothing I have seen before and the skylight window lit up in different colours when the sunset. It was so beautiful. 

Winter gardens

Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool tower was towering over the town and someday I will go up there, but unfortunately, the weather was foggy when we went, so we wouldn't have seen much at the top so it didn't seem worth it then. But that gives us another reason to return. We walked across the Promenade where the Black Tower is, but nfortunately we did not have time to walk along all of it because it is 6 miles long!

blackpool tower
winter garden

Blackpool Illuminations

We then found some illuminations in that were inside as it saturated rain in to enjoy while we were there. They had so many rooms filled with lights and animals and also a 3D film. All made out of lights, it was so cool! There are also the free illuminations that are lit outside which are a must-see if you ever come to Blackpool. I love seeing Christmas lights, but these are on a new (even larger) scale and are up all year round. 

blackpool illuminations
blackpool illuminations

When I go back I have some things I'd like to do:

  • Blackpool dungeons- I've been to the London dungeons and they are so much fun, I have been persuading my brother to go too, but I think that he is too scared!

  • Blackpool Madame Tussauds- also seen this in London, but it's so much fun taking selfies with wax celebs. Let's just pretend we are famous for a couple of hours!

  • Actually, go up the Blackpool tower! It would be lovely to come again, when the weather's nicer, and see Blackpool from a different height!

Explore With Me To The Lake District

The next day we went to the Lake district on a boat cruise around the lake which took a couple of hours. I absolutely love the Lake District, it is the so peaceful. My family and I went on a boat trip around the biggest lake out of all the lakes in the area. It took 3 hours to get all the way around which meant chilling, taking in the views, eating and many cups of tea. It was a great photo opportunity too. 

Blackpool was a lovely and so fun to catch up with my brother, who has been settling into halls at his university. I loved the illuminations, it's made me so excited to see all the lights for Christmas! The Lake District was so relaxing and I loved our little boat cruise, it was a way to ease our achey legs from the day before!

Have you been to Blackpool or the Lake District?