I have had a fantastic bank holiday weekend visiting my dad’s friends in Cornwall. Cuddling their gorgeous doggies and taking them for scenic walks around the Cornish countryside. Cornwall is one of my favourite places in England, my family and I have been on many holidays here, so there are always childhood memories which get remembered everytime we visit. When you take time out of your day to walk around a place, you can definitely take more in than you can during your normal busy lifestyle. I also find that with a dog it makes walking even more enjoyable as you can throw small rocks into water or a ball and they can go and fetch it (or make you fetch it yourself which happened a number of times).


Rock Beach

Rock Beach has a beautiful sandy beach which is situated opposite the town of Padstow.  It is a lovely sandy beach with a great cliff walk as well.  At this beach we went for a long walk along the coast, throwing some pebbles in for the dogs to fetch, well tried to fetch. Annie occasionally dipped her head into the water, but didn’t quite manage to bring back that stone! Misty would be more interested in chasing Annie rather than the stone! But it was great to watch them both have so much fun in the water. We then went onto the dews on the way back and the dogs went crazy for all the different paths and the long grass. It is a good job that they have long tails otherwise they would be so difficult to see. They behaved well though, coming back to us when their names got called! I love walking along the beach and some of the photographs we took were beautiful.  

Camel Trail

The Camel Trail was a close walk from where we were staying and the walk follows a disused train line, once used by the London and South West Railway. The walk is pretty flat around the whole walk, I have never done all of it, but the parts I have done there are beautiful views of the countryside surrounding the Bodmin Moors and there are also small streams and rivers that the dogs loved.  At one end of the Camel Trail, there is a wonderful café (Snail’s Pace Café) that do THE BEST English breakfast. Because it is so close to where my dad’s friends live, it has become a tradition to go here at least once throughout the time that we do stay there- it’s so yummy!

Cardinum Woods

This is beautiful wood with many different pathways for walking, horse riding and cycling. There is also a lovely café to enjoy some food and drink after you have explored around the woodland. Unfortunately, we did not bring our bikes over (but you could hire bikes) so we didn’t have a go at the cycling routes, but we did have a pair of dogs which could have made that a bit tricky. The walk was beautiful; it was surrounded by trees and the path sloped down to a little stream that the dogs loved with an old-fashioned bridge. It was a great place for the dogs and children climbing on the bridge and walking in the stream. We chose the shortest circle route around the woodland because we had a BBQ waiting for us when we got back to my dad’s friend’s house.


Who Are Those Cute Dogs That Are Featured In All My Photographs?

Misty and Annie that's who... 

Overall it was a short and sweet stay in Cornwall and I enjoyed walking their dogs around these beautiful places! The rest of the time was spent at the house, the boys helped in the garden and I attempted to play fetch with the dogs. Annie likes to keep the ball to herself until she is ready to give it to you and Misty likes to chase the ball from Annie! It is lovely how these dogs have created a lovely bond even though they are from two different families and they have two different personalities.

Misty is so clever, she can open doors! She even made a little visit into my bedroom at 6:30am to say hello; she is also such a laid back puppy of 11 months and doesn’t get fazed by anything-chilled puppy. Apparently Misty went between some boy dogs who were having a fight and started giving them both some kisses. The boy dogs were so confused and stopped fighting (she is so brave, I would never interrupt a fight going on). Although she is allergic to everything so you have to be so careful with food!!

Annie however, is a little scared of loud noises. We were on the beach and she started barking at this little boy because he was holding a life jacket and she (apparently) does not like life jackets; which we had to explain to the little boy because he didn’t understand why this dog was barking at him, she would’ve never hurt him- such a softy. A similar thing happened in the woods too, where Annie didn’t understand a scooter so she started barking at that too! She has so much energy though, I think she is only 2 or 3; she can never get enough of water and playing! They were always tired-out in the evening from all of their exciting outings that they had with us the whole weekend!


Where have you been in Cornwall?