When I Quit Social Media: Dear Phone Week 2

Dear Phone,

I remember the black and white, tiny squared screen where I’d play snake when waiting for my mum to pick me up from school. I’d text my friends what time they’d be jumping onto MSN to continue our pointless conversations on there (even though I would’ve spent the whole school day with them). From the brick to the slider, they were merely a tool to text and phone people. At 5 pence a text, it was impossible to do that all day because mum would freak out if I’d run out of credit in the first week. There wasn’t even a need to go on the internet as it took a decade to log on back then. Then the new snazzy Apple phones came out and was the king of all phones with its scrolling features, coloured bold screen and quirky keypad all available with the touch of your fingertips, with its capabilities of accessing the internet with WIFI and 3G, it gave us the ability to be connected to the world 24/7.

Okay- I’ll start with the positives of you first…I love having a camera that took random photos of my day, keeping up to date with friends and the ability to ‘google’ anything that you may need to find the answer to at the drop of a hat. I love that we can stay connected to our friends all over the world and find new communities with like-minded people. If I want a pub trip spontaneously, on a Friday night, there’s nothing a quick group chat text won’t fix.

However, as with all the good aspects there are some bad aspects of you, the need to check you a million times a day because you’ve vibrated in my pocket-why are you so goddam demanding? It is distracting and probably affects my productivity more than you and I know.

There is a reason why I have to put you on do not disturb. I can’t take the constant nagging and reminders that you constantly have to flash up onto your home screen. Maybe if you weren’t so noisy you could be used in any quiet zone, no headphones needed.

You have helped with always having a camera at the palm of my hand no matter what the situation, but that means the joys of living in the moment have become slim to none. There’s not much that I won’t document for future “memories” because it’s become so much easier to share everything onto social media 24/7. I went against that in Rhodes and watched the sunrise without you-I would say “sorry about that” but I’m not.

That need to be connected to everyone all the time makes you care more about what other people think about me than I care to admit. Not to mention the dangerous comparison loop of wishing your life was like that amazing Instagram influencer or wishing you were traveling or pursuing some major, kick-ass, life goals like some of my “Facebook friends”.  

It’s about time I disconnect from this “phone-ship” (phone relationship) and return to my own reality rather than living in a virtual one.

I have been able to distract myself with creating content I love, producing artwork and planning for future blog posts in my handy bullet journal; with absolutely no help from you. I have felt a weight lifted without consuming so much content from other people and now have been able to find my own way back from my creative slump. In the future, I think I should let you know that I will be putting a time limit on the amount of hours I spend on you. I don’t need to be on you for more than 1 hour max per day; which is such an improvement from the 4 hours that you stole from me previously.

That’s just how it’s going to be from now on #sorrynotsorry.

Has your phone made you have any bad habits?