I watched this programme where they were researching attraction. They had different pictures of people’s face cut out and then computerised versions of them, some uglier and some more attractive. They then had to pick the picture that best represented themselves the best, and nearly all of them chose a picture that was a ‘less attractive’ version of themselves – NO SURPRISE THERE.

But the really interesting part comes from when they had to do this for the people that were also in the study. They had never met these people before and were allowed to get to know each other first. They then had to choose a picture that best represented the person they had just met and they all chose a picture more attractive than their natural self… isn’t that just lovely though! We are definitely too hard on ourselves. But also, they were saying they would rate someone as more attractive based on their personality too- which is the reason why I am writing this post!

do you like your reflection
Do You Like Your Reflection?

Personality is so important in any relationship that you come across, whether that's friendships, boyfriend/girlfriend, family or even meeting a complete stranger. You can be the PRETTIEST person ever, but if your personality sucks then to me, you are UGLY. There has been so much pressure on people to look a certain way that I think we have forgotten that beauty is what is on the inside, not what’s on the outside.

I have loads of insecurities about the way I look on the outside, which I am sure you do too. I think we have got too obsessive over that way of thinking. We should be valuing our efforts through being a kind, loyal, trust-worthy and know our self-worth from those sorts of things, rather than whether or not we have gone down or up a dress size.

I am so glad that a research project has found out that a person's personality has a massive effect on how attractive you think someone is because it really does prove that looks are not everything. I want to be able to look in the mirror and see a confident, independent woman and that is what I am going to be striving to find, a little positivity doesn't go a miss. People are so hard to judge themselves (me included) that we forget about how awesome we actually are. 

Next time you start judging yourself for everything that you are not, maybe it’s time to remember all the great things about yourself that often gets missed and overlooked by all the negatives. We are all our own worst enemies and it is such a shame because if we could see what others can see then maybe our perspective of ourselves would be different.

So here's a little reminder for you today, 

Personality is so much more Important than Appearance. Please never forget how brilliant you are at being YOU!

Do you like what you see in your reflection?