“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

Isn’t Rafiki a smart cookie?

Simba learnt a very important lesson that day and it made me reflect on what I seem to do when there is something difficult to overcome. So let me ask you something, do you run from your past or learn from it? To be completely honest, I have done both. There have been times where I have run from my past because I don’t want it to re-occur again. There are other times where I have tried to learn from it to get more motivated to get the situation changed.


I am incredibly uncertain of people’s motives and find it difficult to trust people, I had an incident at school where someone who I thought was my best friend betrayed my trust and I have been wary of that ever since. I find it incredibly hard to open up and share my true feelings in case it happens again.

I think this probably isn’t the best way to go about it, because I should be giving new people a chance, nobodies the same after all.  But I have been able to learn to give the people the benefit of the doubt and trusting people takes time and they need to give you a reason to fully trust them.

It has made me stronger because I can now remove other people in my life who I don’t fully trust and because I never give anything away that I don’t mind being used back in my face, it never hurts as much.

It wasn’t until I met my (now) best friend that I learnt to trust people again, I have been able to open up to her about near enough anything on my mind and I know she won’t judge me, talk about me behind her back, or even turn it against me.

I think this was a great lesson to learn that not everyone is the same and you need to let people in to truly trust and get close to people again.  

I think one of the times when I seemed to run away from the situation is when I feel I need to be good at something straight away. I gave up on my music GCSE because I didn’t get it. Instead of working harder towards improving my knowledge, I just gave up and ran away. I do regret this decision and probably my parents weren’t too pleased either, but I just don’t think I had the motivation to want to do well so I didn’t even try.

However, this has made me not want to be a quitter in other parts of my life. I failed my driving test the first time and I got that motivation and fire in my belly to practice until I could do everything right. The second time I felt so much more prepared and passed, I couldn’t have been more proud of myself.

Sometimes running from a situation can allow you to learn what not to do so you change your mindset when a similar situation may happen again. I think you grow a lot more when you make mistakes than when you do something the right way all the time.

Learning from your past can be helpful but it can also make you treat people in a similar way to how other people treated you. It is important to let new people in sometimes otherwise you will never know what they are truly like. Some people may surprise you.

What about you, do You Run From The Past Or Learn From It?