Seeing Disney’s Christopher Robin brought back so many memories from my childhood and I still have all the warm, fuzzy feels. I was brought up with the books and the films and I just loved the opening credits where they included some of these features and it just felt like I was 7 again.

The story was so much deeper than I thought it would be, seeing how much Christopher Robin changed since adulting and him trying to find his way back to his childhood and making more time for his family was so heart-warming. There are so many quotes from that film that I could relate to. It was fantastically put together. Well done Disney, pulled it out the bag yet again.

I just loved Eeyore as always, who couldn’t relate to him though? He is like my spirit animal. And I cannot forget about Pooh, he was just fabulous! If you haven’t seen the film already then I would highly recommend it!


The story had me thinking that we do try to be so busy with work and responsibilities to try and provide for ourselves and if you are not careful, you can forget that you are living your life now and sometimes you do need to take some time out to be with the people that you love.

I love having ambition and dreams to get to where I want to be in life although I have nothing figured out yet, having a steady routine and money coming in is helpful to reach your end goals. I think though, that being too obsessed with keeping yourself busy you will never be in the present moment.

The smaller things in life are the most enjoyable I find, like when I watched the sunrise in Rhodes and just didn’t photograph it, I was just there in that moment and it was magical. I love hearing rainfall (when I am in the house, dry of course), taking in a beautiful view or listening to a whole album without doing anything else. It’s in these moments where you truly learn about yourself and enjoy your own company. And we all know how important self-care is. It clears your mind and just resets your brain which will be better for you in the long run.

I have been fortunate enough to have 6 weeks off during the summer and I have done a mixture of being busy and doing nothing. I feel so much more refreshed now that I have had a chance to catch up on some of the TV shows I have been meaning to watch and catching up with friends and family. As well as trying to look for jobs and keep on top of life as much as possible.

“doing nothing always leads to the best something” Pooh

I remember when I was a child and there were times where I wouldn’t have any toys to play with, we didn’t have technology- iPads just weren’t a thing back then (I sound so old), which I am actually so grateful for. But we had to use our imagination and create games ourselves to play so that we could keep ourselves occupied. I just think we lose that as adults, we need to learn to ‘play’, come on, don’t be a woozle (if you’ve seen the film you’ll get the reference). Obviously it will look a bit different from when we were children but we need to learn to be in our own company and be okay with doing nothing. Who knows, it could lead to the best something?

I always get my ideas for blog posts when I am doing nothing, I work best when my mind is clear and free from stress. There is no point being busy if you aren’t being productive with your time and as soon as I feel that I’m overwhelmed with whatever is going on with my life, I always make sure that I take my self out and do nothing.

These guys know that family and friends are the most important thing and they would do anything for each other- they had to remind Christopher Robin of this. If we keep being too busy for the people we care about, we will really miss some amazing memories with them. I think everyone needs to take some time out and do nothing sometimes, who knows what doing nothing could lead to!

“people say it’s impossible doing nothing, but I do nothing everyday”- Pooh