I love Brighton, there is no city quite like Brighton anywhere. The diversity of just one place is insane and I love that everyone is accepting of everyone. I have been there on to see Charlie Simpson perform a couple of times (which was amazing by the way) and my friend had her hen do there and I was so excited to see Brighton's nightlife as I have always wanted to go and it did not disappoint.


What To Do?

Brighton is a beautiful seaside town with lots of quirky and different things to do. I have been here a couple times, mostly to see some gigs with my friends, but every time I have been there I have never wanted to leave! It will always have a special place in my heart. The beach is beautiful, and in the British tradition, there are also lovely fish and chips shops along the coast, perfect way to spend an evening near the beach, hopefully with a sunset (maybe getting a little optimistic there).


There are so many little quirky shops in Brighton. There are so much to chose from; they range from the main brands to little business type shops. One of my favourites is Bluebird Tea, it has a range of different teas in many different flavours, I have yet to try them but I really want to buy a range at some point. My tea obsession has probably increased since being at university, literally, all I did was drink tea; so you can imagine my surprise when I found this shop!

Visit the beach

You cannot go to a seaside town without visiting the beach! There are miles and miles of a beautiful pebbly beach. You can go shell collecting, sunbathe or do what we did which was buy a traditional fish and chips from the little shops along the coast, and then eat it while watching the sunset. 


The Pavillion is something I recommend you go and look at, the building alone is stunning, so just walk past it if you do not fancy seeing inside! There are also museums, the Brighton pier, music gigs and many more things to do! Brighton is such a great seaside town, with plenty to do and visit, I don't think you would ever be bored.

Where To Eat

My ultimate place to eat is Carlito Burrito, which is such a cute, quirky burrito restaurant, the food is heavenly, I keep going back there every time I go to Brighton, it's that good.  If you are a Mexican food lover then I highly recommend that you go! There are little cute cafes around too if you are not feeling a big, heavy meal. With so much choice in such a small area, I think you will be stuck with the amount of choice there is on offer!

Brighton beach
Brighton beach
Brighton sunset

Have you ever been to Brighton?