I think ‘cute’ as an adjective to describe an adult woman should be banned. A child’s cute when they learn how to ride a bike for the first time; puppies are cute when they try to run and trip over their ears; and babies are all the cuteness in the world.

Even a quick search on google has proven this with their description of cute being “attractive or pretty especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate way, a cute puppy”

But I really don’t want to be compared to a child; those days of pigtail plaits and making up dance routines in the playground are long gone now.

There is no other word in the dictionary that makes my skin crawl than using the word cute. I am against that word so strongly, is it just me? Maybe, but it is a word I don’t want to be associated with anymore.

I Repeat I’m Not ‘Cute’

I have always been called cute and I am beginning to get annoyed with it, as a 24 year old, there has to be a number where cute just doesn’t apply to somebody anymore. Even with saying that, I have never really been fond of it anyway.

Delicate to me just sounds like I could easily break in two with just a pat on the head and I am starting to get enough wrinkles on my forehead to prove that my previous youthfulness is vanishing into thin air.

A fully grown woman- should not be described as cute! What about intelligence? Witty? Funny? Gorgeous? Have you forgotten all my other attributes? Thanks for that pal.

Yes, woman can do cute gestures, like buy flowers and bring home a bottle of wine when the days been complete shit with lines like “aren’t you the cutest” I can deal with that.

However, describing my 5”2 appearance as cute is not cool. Yes, my height doesn’t help me much but I really don’t need you leaning on my shoulder and reminding of that fact thank you very much.

It feels so belittling and patronising to the point that I would feel that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Would you tell a doctor that they are cute after they have examined you or even the dentist next time you go in for a tooth filling? I don’t think so. This might sound crazy but I want to be treated like an adult.

I’m sure people don’t intend for it to sound patronising, although it does really depend on who is saying it.

If it is a stranger- I think they should avoid using the word completely. They are probably just complementing your looks (but there are other words). Please just save me the cringe-y skin-crawling-shivers and wait to compliment me when we know each other better.

If they are a friend, I have probably hinted at the fact that I don’t want to be called cute- I have said “I don’t want to be cute” countless of times for them to get the hint. If they haven’t well, maybe I will need to go all ‘cute’ red-headed-ninja on their asses.

I would exclude my family in this purely because they have seen me in diapers; they are probably the ONLY people in my life who I’d allow to be part of the VIP call me ‘cute’ club. Everyone else will probably end up getting a death stare. That’s your warning ;)

I Repeat I’m Not ‘Cute’

Men are the culprits to the cute-calling. Their first lines to me are “hi cutie” or “You’re so cute” whilst I’ve slightly vommed in my mouth a bit, this ‘pick up line’ will definitely not help your chances with me mate. I do realise my baby face really doesn’t help the situation, but please use some other adjectives.

Do you want me looking at you the same way as a look at a family member who has just called me cute? Congratulations bro, I now think you see me as a little sister or something. Also, to put it out there, men have described me as cute more than my family has. So you have really gone to the ‘friend zone’ a place apparently where no men want to be, yet you do this to yourself?

 It is the ultimate rejection line as well: “you’re cute but…” which definitely translates as “you’re unattractive to me” so it really doesn’t get any better. Please do us both a favour and just come out and say what you are truly feeling.

Woman use the word cute too obviously to describe other woman, they normally imply it to a piece of clothing “that dress looks so cute on you” so technically, they aren’t saying I’m cute rather that my dress is cute. Which in some cases is better- but I still hate it.

I am always confused by the whole compliment to be honest, “Does this dress make me look like a child?” or “Do I normally look old, but with that top on I’m looking so youthful right now?” See, I made my point- cute doesn’t make any compliment BETTER-maybe just ditch the word cute altogether please!

I probably have used the word cute to describe somebodies appearance too, no one’s perfect are they? I probably hated myself as soon as those words left my mouth. I definitely don’t do it now; I normally go for “dayaaam” instead; followed by the fire emoji coz babe, you so damn hot!

I read this article about being in control and make changes to your appearance so that people will stop calling you cute. I disagree strongly; you shouldn’t have to change your hair or your clothes for people to stop calling you cute.

I would never make a woman change the way she chooses to dress or style their hair, like this article has implied through the example of Taylor Swift.  Somebodies style shouldn’t be the excuse that people are calling them cute.

If you really want people to stop calling you cute, let them know that it annoys you. You don’t need to be mean about it, one friendly comment on how the word makes you feel won’t offend anyone and they will know for next time. And Girl, keep those long locks and pastel coloured clothes if they make you feel amazing! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I never knew how strongly I am against the word ‘cute’ until I started collecting my thoughts together on the subject. It feels so much better to get it all down on paper.

What do you hate being described as, and why?