I remember the first time I saw beauty and the beast and just idolised Belle for her independence and not settling for anything that she didn’t really want. Whether that was boys or her job, she just wanted to improve herself to be the best she could be and get the most out of her life. She is smart and not afraid to be different from everyone else in the village. I really admired her strength and courage to stick to her own beliefs and not follow everyone else’s views.

Belle is definitely the feminist of the Disney princesses and not dropping everything she wants because it doesn’t fit into her own belief and those villagers. She would get called “strange” and never had any doubts about wanting “more than this provincial life”. If she isn’t the perfect idol for women then I don’t know what is.

Why I Drew Belle From Beauty & The Beast

I never have labelled myself as a feminist and would never do that in the future because I hate labels. I don’t ever wanna be tied down to a label as I like having the option to switch in and out. I’ve never believed in something to the extent of having that label so I just believe the bits that interest me.

I definitely agree that women are just as capable as doing the same things as men and being independent and making a life for myself is definitely something I am very thankful for those women who fought for woman’s rights as an equal member of society.

Independence has always been something my parents have valued and I have also picked this up and realise how important it is to be able to manage a life by yourself so you don’t need to depend on anyone else. Although, I don’t think I have 100% independence yet because I still live at home with my parents but I have my own income- a way to fund my social life and buy anything that I want or need without relying on anyone else.

It is my ultimate dream to eventually be self-efficient enough to buy my own house and fund my own holidays and I am working to achieve this. Things that you want will never come easily and when you finally achieve that it makes it so much more worth it.

I’m am definitely going to take on the same belief as Belle and not settle for anything less than what I want out of life.

Even with her independence, she also cares for her family and people she cares about. I love that the fact that never settling for anything less than what she wants hasn’t compromised her relationships to find something she can build into anything she wants to.

Family and friends are so important to me too and I don’t know what I would do without them. I would never wanna depend on them though, just knowing that they could be there if I needed them is enough and if they needed me, I’d do anything to help them too. Although, maybe jumping in a cage that belonged to a beast maybe pushing it a little bit!

This drawing will always hold a special place in my heart because this was the first time I completely made up all the patterns and designed this drawing from scratch. And gave me the confidence to do the same with all my other drawings from this one and I’m forever grateful for finding this confidence and a style of artwork that I thoroughly enjoy and want to improve at.

So that is why Belle is my ultimate favourite Disney princess, whose yours?