I read Hannah Gale’s blog post about the shift in blogging, where people are changing their blogging habits to microblogging instead of reading blog posts.

Instagram has allowed a shift in blogging habits, where little snippets of content of some one’s day can be viewed at any time so there is no need to hop on and read their blogs anymore.

Instagram is instant and does allow people to save time; as creating and reading blog posts can take a lot of time up during the day.

As people's lives get busier there is more of a need for quick bursts of news rather than reading a detailed blog post.

Is Anyone Reading Blog Posts Anymore?
Is Anyone Reading Blog Posts Anymore?

I am really disheartened by this and a part of me is a bit disappointed that I didn’t start this blogging malarkey when it was considered 'cool'.

Now that YouTube and Instagram stories are around, the way people view content is slightly different.

As much as I am up for change in the blogosphere there is just something special about reading words. And when someone writes so engagingly it’s like you are having a face to face conversation. Forever Amber’s blog is a great example of this; her writing style makes me think that we are best friends even though I’ve never met her.

Although, videos are great to start relating to a person because it is like they are having a conversation with you but does that mean people are losing their love of using their imagination to bring words to life through the way something has been written?

With the saturated community of blogs out there too, it’s also hard to find new blog posts that I enjoy reading.

I have set bloggers that I read religiously and there are so many of them to catch up with I don’t really have the time to consume anymore.

This is a shame because there are so many lovely blogs out there and I would love more hours in the day to view more.

I do look on BlogLovin occasionally to read more blog posts, and there are a couple I have found that I really loved and they have turned into one of the go-to blogs that I read, but there are just too many to choose from- and time is precious.

I have signed up to so many blogs, even controlling my inbox seems to be overwhelming at the moment.

On the other hand, Instagram allows you to see a catch up on people's day and outfits so maybe there isn't a need to read a lengthy post on this too. 

So if I look at my habits, I am definitely picky at which blogs I take from reading occasionally to reading every single blog post that they make.

So what does that mean for my little blog? If people have already got the blogs that they read religiously and not many people are out there looking for new ones to read, and there’s more focus on microblogging, then this will result in a decrease of traffic to my own blog.

I personally love reading blog posts and I am hoping it will do a full circle and people will come back to reading blog posts.

I especially love it because your website actually BELONGS to you; it is not like social media where a simple change of an algorithm where it can change the number of views you get in an instant. 

My blog is mine and that cannot be changed by any third party apps, I want to build a loyal following to my blog by my email list no matter how long it takes to build such a community because I’m not going anywhere.

I am the complete opposite of other bloggers who are refocusing all their efforts to Instagram. 

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, all bloggers have different preferences and if it is their business then, of course, they will go where the money is.

I want to put effort into my blog because I love it, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't. I am fortunate that this is a hobby at the moment and don't need to be thinking of where my next pay cheque is coming from.

This is my space and it won’t ever be affected by algorithms and social media trends of other people. So I do hope blogging comes back in popularity with people, I will continue to be over here typing away and I hope to see you too!

I would really like to know your thoughts too, do you still read blog posts or have you moved over to microblogging?