If you don’t know what FOMO is, where have you been? But if you have no idea, it means fear of missing out. With the age of technology and feel connected all the time, with apps such as Instagram stories and Snapchat you can see what people are doing at that specific moment in time.

That awkward moment where you see a person’s Snapchat and then realise they haven’t invited you out or you might miss an Instagram story from your favourite blogger or celebrity it can really make you feel that you need to consistently checking these apps so that you can stay in the loop.

These apps have been made to keep you addicted and ever since I quit social media for week, this FOMO has started creeping in. I wanna know what people have got up too. But instead of seeing their Snapchat or Instagram story, I have to actually speak to them!

Is FOMO taking over your life?

I have to use my phone for what it was originally made for- texting and calling- now I actually have something to ask them and actually be interested in the answer as “I already know, I saw your Facebook status” won’t be relevant anymore. 

And guess what? Other people won’t know what you have been up to either if you haven’t posted it onto you social media. You will have more to talk about what you’ve been up to too. It’s a win win situation.

The only social media I actually missed was my blogging Instagram account!! I definitely couldn’t give that up! I love supporting fellow bloggers and Instagram always seems to be so positive and they up lifting.

So after my social media break, I have changed my viewpoints about certain social media and hopefully I will spend less time on it. This is what I have learnt and hopefully  I am going to try to stick to  this from now on.

1)  Only check Facebook once a day, that’s enough, nothings gunna really change in 24 hours

2) Have a time limit- know that it’s ok to log on but what isn’t ok is scrolling for hours! Half an hour is enough time to check all of your social media accounts

3) You're not going to lose Instagram followers because you're not on it, it happens anyway. Just breathe and have faith that people that actually like your content are going to actually stick around.

4) It’s about time you just deleted Snapchat, what do you actually use it for that Instagram doesn’t??

So hopefully this will get me off my phone and onto some of the things I want to accomplish over the summer! And it also allows me to concentrate on writing blog posts and doing the things I actually love rather than procrastinating all the time. Even watching a film without constant social media notifications interrupting it, makes for a whole new experience.

I am still a work in progress and sometimes all I wanna do is look at aesthetically pleasing photographs on Instagram, but I’m learning that it can be bad for your health as well. The comparisons and highlight reels aren’t reality. Now let’s drop our phones and go and live our reality.

Do you get FOMO?