Italy is such a beautiful country, My mum and I went to Lido de Jesolo on a holiday for a week and I loved chilling by the pool (which is the only way I'll ever read a book), seeing some of the sights Italy had to offer, and spending time with my mum whilst drinking prosecco and eating bruschetta.  


Explore With Me To Italy


Spending a day trip in the Dolomites while I was on holiday in Italy was an amazing experience, we travelled to a village could Cortina and then went to Misurina Lake which was full of fantastic scenery and gave a snapshot of the gorgeous landscapes around the Dolomites. I would highly recommend visiting this place; there is so much to see and never enough time to see it all!



Visiting a quaint village in Cortina in the Dolomites was breath-taking. There were mountains, hills and beautifully decorated houses covered in flowers. An opportunity during our 3 hour slot enabled us to take a cable car ride to the top of the mountain. It was enormous. Quite terrifying if you are scared of heights! However, the view from the top was worth it. We made the most of the views by demolishing some pizza at the top of the mountain.


Misurina Lake

This lake was stunning, there were some houses dotted around, and I am so jealous of those people that get to wake up to that view every day, lucky! Definitely, would love to visit Lake Garda after seeing this beauty! Makes an excuse to come and visit these beautiful mountains again!



This day out in Italy was beautiful; we went to the town of Treviso, in Veneto, near Venice. There were little streams and cute bridges. We walked around the square, which was the main shops within the town, and had the best ice-cream I have ever had! There were so many flavours, it was crazy! After our little stroll around the town, we arrived at a Villa where they make all the wines and had a tour around the vineyards and where they make the wines. It was a great interesting day for my mum and I. There was history information which my mum loves, photography opportunities for me which I love and we both loved the wine tasting after exploring this twown, especially the prosecco!

wine tasting
wine tasting

Have you ever been to Italy?