I went to Kent for a little holiday break over the summer with my family. There is so much to do there and I was pleasently surprised with how much we could go and see there. We were also really lucky with the weather which also helped us go and look at even more attractions around the area. We went to a great mixture so that everyone in the family had a day that they chose to go to!

We went to castles, gardens, beaches and a Dockyard. There is something for the whole family in Kent and I am so glad I got to see some of the sights. My favourite by far was Leeds Castle, for the grounds (which were so picturesque) and Dungeness, for its unique surroundings. 

Travel Kent Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

This was the castle that was used as a hospital in the Battle of Britain. The grounds were beautiful and the castle was pretty spectacular. There were falconry displays, a maze, a grotto and some gardens to explore. There was plenty to do there and we ended up going there for two days. The maze and grotto was my favourite thing to explore, it reminded me of my childhood and it was great fun. I also loved taking pictures of the all the different birds that were there as I had never tried that before with my camera. I am always looking for new photography opportunities to try. 

leeds castle
explore with me kent leeds castle

Howletts Wildlife Park

My only reason to choose this zoo was that there were elephants there and I am a huge lover of elephants, they are my favourite animal. There aren’t that many zoos that have elephants near my area so this was a great treat for me. They are so elegant and light-footed; I could watch them all day. I did think they had enough space for these elephants and they seemed very happy there. The keepers were brilliant checking that they were healthy and just giving them all attention when they were moving them to the bigger fields. 

howletts zoo


Dungeness is described as the English ‘dessert’ as there is not much growth there. The area was so different from anywhere else in England, it reminded me of being in a different country, I had to keep remembering that we were still in Kent. We also climbed up one of the tallest lighthouses in the UK and the view from the top was insane. There was also a pebbled beach which also allowed for interesting photograph opportunities to be taken. My brother and I also started collecting shells like we did back in the day, what started out to be a little collection ended with a whole backpack full of shells. We may have overdone it a little... oooops.

dungeness kent
dungeness kent
dungeness kent

Bodiam Castle

This castle had the best moat ever, and you could climb to the top which was amazing. I love being up high, not always how to get there mind you, but the views are always worth it. My mum was too scared to attempt it, so at least I managed to get to the top. I don't consider myself the most adventurous person in the world, so I was pleased with this achievement. I was desperate to get a photo of the castle with a good reflection here and I wasn’t leaving until I got that shot! Unfortunately, they didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, I think the lighting was wrong. But I think the pictures are still beautiful and I am pleased with what I was able to capture. 

bodiam castle kent
bodiam castle kent
bodium castle

Emmetts Garden

This was a lovely relaxed day of walking around a garden and woodland area. It was lovely and there were so many different varieties of flowers, so the opportunities for taking photos hit new levels and I probably came away with about 500 photos that day. Also, there were lovely cafes for those essential tea and cake stops. I wanted to practise my macro shots here so I put my camera on manual setting and turned autofocus off. I think doing this really helps increase your photography skills and you can just play with the settings to learn how the camera works. 

emmetts garden kent
emmetts garden
emmets garden kent

Chatham Dockyard

Chatham Dockyard was so interesting and there was so much to do there that we didn’t actually see it all. The highlight of that day was going in a submarine and trying to go through all the little hatches, luckily I didn’t bang my head, although my mum wasn’t as lucky. I don’t think I could live like the sailors who were living down there. The men of the house obviously chose this day out, but it turned out not that bad, we learned about how rope was made and looking at different kinds of ships. 

chatham dockyard
chatham kent

Botany Bay

Botany Bay a beautiful beach with chalk cliffs and a beautiful sandy beach! I fell in love with this beach and the photos that we took don’t give this beach justice to what it is actually like. We had a lovely evening stroll on this beach and then went to the Botany Bay Hotel and Restaurant for some food and there food was delightful. I had an amazingly tasty salmon dish....mmm... I want to go back there just thinking about it.  

botany bay
botany bay kent
botany bay kent

Walmer Castle

There are lots of castles in Kent! This one was an unusual shape (shaped like a flower) rather than the traditional castles which were quite interesting. It also had a beautiful garden so I loved taking photographs of all the flowers. It also had a lovely cafe where we had a beautiful cream tea. 

deal castle
deal castle kent
walmer castle kent


I had the best time in Kent, we also went to an air show which was amazing and they had fireworks coming off some planes at the end, which was so cool! I think this holiday was pretty successful and we were able to see a range of different attractions and I would go back to Kent again. I also went to Canterbury on a boat tour and learnt some ghost stories, but I wrote a whole blog post solely on that so I didn't want to repeat myself.

Have you been to Kent?