I have explored many places in London since I have lived here for nearly 2 years. I have enjoyed every minute of it, the easiness of getting into the city and the atmosphere is always buzzing. I am so glad I took this opportunity when I did because I have grown in confidence and know that I can support and live by myself!

I really miss living in London there was always something to do and the attractions here are so much fun. I made every effort to see as much as I could when I lived there as I knew that would be my only chance to get as much done as possible. When you have to travel over an hour to get there the amount you can do dramatically decreases.

Explore With Me: London

London Eye

This attraction is brilliant for exploring London from a new height, the 30 minute ride will let you relax and enjoy London at its finest. Without the hassle of walking through all those crowds and you can see all the main sights that London has to offer.  Make sure you bring your camera, you won’t want to miss those selfie opportunities.

Explore With Me: London

London Dungeons

This is a great way to scare your friends, and I had so much fun doing so. Head down and try not to get hung (Of course you don’t really get hanged). The London Dungeons has ride at the end is a good laugh and you can buy a photo that gets captured of you at the end, which makes a lovely keepsake! The actors that are pretending to be different characters in the olden days really bring the museum to life and make it as though you have gone through time.

Madame Tussaud’s

This was so much fun seeing all the different wax models. So much effort has gone into these figures to make them look as real as possible and I think that they have done a really good job. It is so fun having a photo shoot day with different celebrities (even though they aren’t real).

The Sea Life Center

This is a perfect outing if it is raining outside. There are so many different varieties of fishes and the way they have structured out this aquarium is really interesting. The tunnels are my favourite where the fishes are swimming above your head.

HMS Belfast

If you like ships then don’t miss out on a trip to the HMS Belfast. There is actually more to view than you’d first realise you can go down different floors into the engine rooms and things. I have family members who are engineered based so I’ve grown up going to places like this. I have started to actually find them quite interesting too!

London Zoo

A lovely day looking at animals what more could you possibly want? I was quite surprised at how big this zoo actually is. There is also a range of animals and I managed to go there twice which was lucky because then I could view the animals that I didn't have time to see the first time. The tiger feed was the most interesting thing to watch, make sure you go and see them!

Explore With Me: London
Explore With Me: London
Explore With Me: London

St Pauls Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral has unique features and also allows you to experience London from a different view. If you have a phobia of stairs you shouldn’t go here, there are quite a few you have to walk up to get to the top. Even when you think you are at the top, there is another smaller spiral staircase that you can climb! The view at the top is worth it though- bring your camera.

West End

 There is never a shortage of west end musicals or plays to watch. I love musicals so having an endless supply of theatres was such a bonus when I lived here. I saw a couple when I was here, which included Avenue Q, Billy Elliot and Fascinating Aida.

Buckingham Palace

Go and have a look at the queen's house for yourself, it is quite an impressive building and the red mile of road is something everybody should see in their lifetime. A true representation of British history over the years. 

St James's Park

Maybe you want a stroll through a park, look no further than St James Park. It is a beautiful park with water features and long paths that you can lose track of time easily. Who knew you could get this much nature in one of the busiest cities.  

What are your favourite London attractions?