uncool blogger

I’ve never really fitted in or never really thought that I did fit in. I have got into the trap of trying to like what everyone else liked. But I would never fully commit to it because I knew it wasn’t really me.

Uncool At School

At school, I would never fit into the most popular group and I never really could be my true self with some of my friends that I had made there. While they all wanted to grow up, I never wanted to (basically be like Peter Pan) and I still don’t! I think I always stayed in that child phase longer than anyone else I knew because that’s where you could really escape into your own world. Maybe that’s why I love blogging so much. I can just be in my own little world just typing on the computer.

I then started caring about what others thought too much. I used to play the violin throughout most of primary into secondary school. There was then a point at secondary school that it was considered uncool to play the violin. I lost all motivation for it and didn’t want to do it anymore. If it wasn’t for my Dad I think I would’ve quit before I did. I do regret that now, I should have carried on with it but I’m pleased I got to grade 5.

Uncool Blogger

Now to present day, I don’t feel like I’m a cool blogger. All the blogs I really see are fashion or beauty blogs. I was never one to buy all the latest clothes or makeup, I’ve really only gotten into makeup recently because I’ve got to know what makeup suits me and how to apply it so it looks good. I have never had the money to justify spending fortunes on all the latest new things either. I’ve always spent my money on art supplies or stationery for University. And now I have a new found love for photography, my next big paycheck will be on some lenses or light equipment.

I don’t think I have found any blogger who posts similar things to me yet which sometimes makes me wonder whether I should be writing more fashion or beauty posts so I’ll have more things in common with the other fabulous bloggers I follow. I love fashion and beauty bloggers and love their Instagram feeds; sometimes I do wish I was producing content like that. I just don’t view myself as a stylist or an influencer for other people. I wish I was as beautiful as Olivia Purvis and had the style of Em Sheldon. Those girls are rocking the business. I just don't think I would be interested in writing about that, although, I do love accessories and homeware, I might be able to stretch to that!

Then I have to remind myself it’s ok not to always fit in, everyone is unique, everyone likes different things and everyone loves to read different types of blogs. Just because no one writes about all the topics I do doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be doing it. It means that I’m unique in what I love to talk about. It’s ok not to be like everyone else and it’s actually BETTER if your not.

So Basically,

All this waffle was meant to say that it is ok to be you, heck you do YOU better than anyone else and no one can be the same as you and that is so cool. It makes everyone's blogs unique and interesting, and we should all embrace that and not worry too much about what other people think (which I am working on).  

So this is why I’m cool with being an uncool blogger! Do you struggle with fitting in?