10 Thoughts Every Girl Has Whilst Getting Ready

I had a thought this morning whilst in the shower about all the thoughts that I have when I am getting ready for a night out. I can have a good 30 minutes of just wondering what to wear.  I have so many clothes so I obviously do have something to wear but that doesn’t stop me from having a mini panic attack when that cute top is nowhere to be seen. Most days I do my makeup correctly when I haven’t got a time constraint, as soon as you have to make sure your makeup is perfect that’s when it all goes wrong. 

10 thoughts every girl has whilst getting ready

10 Thoughts That Every Girl Has When Getting Ready

1. I have nothing to wear, I’m not going

This is for those moments when you are just in your bra and pants and just cannot find anything to wear.

2. Eyeliner, you better not screw up, I’m not re-doing my eyes for you

Your eye makeup is on point; all that hard work can be ruined with one line…

3. Why does my hair never do what I want it too

Why is it that your hair is perfect every day, other than the day you want it to look amazing!

4. This outfits wrong, I am changing

It probably isn’t at all bad, but you are gunna change that outfit anyway because it isn’t perfect.

5. This skirt is hideous! Why did I think I would ever look good in this?

There are always those monstrosities in your wardrobe that you haven’t got around to throwing away yet… you never know when you might need it!

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6. Does this make me look fat?

No- please don’t answer that.

7. It makes me look fat, NEXT!

This is when you look for outfit number 3. Third time lucky! Surely, I won’t have to change again… I must have something in this pile.

8. Why am I not tidier?

When you have completely trashed your room to find that particular black top to go with that amazing skirt… it’s in here somewhere.

9. Where is my hairbrush?

Because it is never where you think it is…

10. I’m ready, no wait I forgot perfume…

When you’re so close to being ready and remembered you have forgotten something… running back up those stairs, will be another quarter of an hour max!

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makeup flatlay

So these are what goes through my mind whenever I have to get ready for something, maybe I should plan my outfits in advanced so that I am not changing like 3 times! My room always suffers as a consequence too, which makes for an extra job the next day to tidy whatever mess I have previously made.

Can you relate to any of these thoughts when you are getting ready?