Explore With Me: Centre Parcs

Centre Parcs was a fun, exciting, yet tiring experience. I felt like I had done a month worth of exercise in one day from the number of injuries I got from one week! Blisters, bruises and even burns from the oven did not stop me from having an amazing time with some close friends and getting to know newly acquainted people who now have turned into friends! If anyone does not know what a Centre Parcs is, it is basically a place for indoor and outdoor activities. So anyone can find something that is of interest. A week was definitely not long enough to get through everything that I wanted to do, the boating lake for one! More reasons to return there in the future!

Explore with me Centre parcs

Explore With Me To Centre Parcs


The pool had some interesting slides to choose from, there were tube green slides bending around the dome; white racing slides that made you skim the top of the water at the bottom before being dunked into the water because that’s how fast you were going; and my personal favourites: THE RAPIDS. This used currents which made whirlpools which I always got stuck in!  I cannot count how many times my friends and I went down this slide, but I have enough bruises to show for it.  The pool also had a main indoor pool including a wave pool, an outdoor pool; an ice water dunk pool where the water was between 10-19 degrees; a hot tub with bubbles and a vortex lazy swim where the current does all the work for you! There was always something that you could do.



There were a variety of sports that you could choose from but the main ones that my friends and I played were badminton, tennis, table tennis and a sneaky bit of netball because we all were shockingly bad at tennis as it has been so long since I have picked up a tennis racket! Badminton was by far the group’s favourite sport; everyone was competitive to win their points! You could also go and grab a massage after a long day of sports!


The resort was surrounded by tall trees, footpaths and cycle paths. You could not see any cars in sight unless it was a moving in or out, day! It was so peaceful, a great getaway into the countryside after living in London for 2 years.


Boating Lake

The boating lake was really pretty; there were trees everywhere and no car noise whatsoever. There was a cute sandy area too, giving the place a beach vibe, where people played volleyball and other ball games! On the lake there were a variety of things that centre parcs provided for example, padlos, paddle boards, electric boats and canoes. If I visit again, I would like to try out some of these activities, as we ran out of time!


There is so much to do at this Centre Parcs so it definitely requires another visit, what activities do you like doing?