3 Ways To Become Motivated At University

University can be stressful, it can make you want to give up and never pick up a journal again. The difference between university and school is that you can choose to be at university so there is nothing stopping you from walking out of the doors when everything gets too tough! I have always been brought up to never quit, not even if you think you cannot do it anymore. I have always had thoughts about quitting like most people do, but I have always been told to stick with it and I am so glad my family drilled this into me. I remember when I was a child when I started playing the violin and just wasn't getting it at all. Where to place your fingers to get the right note, making sure your bow was only touching one string and trying to read music of sheet was too much for my 7-year-old self. I really just wanted to quit and not look at another piece of sheet music ever again. Now a few years into the future (ok, maybe more than a few), I got to grade 5 and can almost pick up any sheet of music and work out how to play it. I am so glad that I just kept going through those hard times because I would not be where I am now without my parents pushing me to achieve!

Thankfully, this concept of pushing myself through the hard times was transferred to my university days. there were definitely some difficult days, where there was nothing more I could do than just scream and throw my research up in the air in frustration. But I managed to pull through and have made it out the other end with a degree certificate in my hand- phew! Here are a few ways to motivate yourself through university... (they could also be transferred to other areas of your life too!)

motivated at university

3 ways to motivate yourself at university

Remember why you started a degree

Maybe you have an idea of what job you want at the end of the course, or you just know that was a degree you thought would benefit you the most, it can be helpful to remember what made you choose that course, to begin with, or maybe you have no idea why you chose your course but wanted the university experience. I ultimately want to become a primary school teacher so I chose my course to help build the foundations I need for my career. I also picked the course because I realised quite late on in the decision process that I wanted to move closer to London because I don't think I'll have another chance to live there due to the expense of it all! I had to take a risk which I thought was scary at first but when I moved, I was wondering why I was so afraid of nothing. I love cities and it has made me want to live in a city one (or close to one) sometime in the future.

Work experience

Work experience is great to know what areas you could potentially love to work in and other places not so much. When I was stressed out about my work and didn't know why I was bothering with the amount of work we had to do, spending a week or two in a primary school just made me realise why I was doing all that hard work and motivated me to carry on! I loved my work experience as I realised that this was my ideal career and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Write a list of your goals for your future

This will help you work out what you want to achieve within the next few months or even a year. This will enable you to concentrate on achieving those goals, hopefully, it will allow you to work hard and gain motivation throughout those difficult months that you will face throughout your university life, especially the dissertation! I definitely made lists about what I wanted to achieve from my work, so it motivated me to put the hard work in to be able to feel satisfied and pleased that you could do well. It is a confidence booster too, making you believe that you can do it!

motivation at university


Once you have achieved your degree, it will feel so satisfying and rewarding. It is worth the hard work and stress that you may be under throughout your course, but just focus on your overall aim of why you are doing it, it will then become so much easier. I have a difficult year ahead, probably more so than my degree year, but once I have completed this new journey, I will be able to be a qualified teacher and that is what I have been passionate to achieve for most of my life, I cannot wait for this hard work to begin!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?