4 Ways To Be Super Organised At University

There are always deadlines and readings to do when you are university and it is so difficult remembering what things you still need to do. I think I have found a solution to this problem. If you are anything like me than having a pen and paper method for writing down all these things then you are on the right page.


4 Ways To Be Super Organised At Univerity

Bullet Journal

I have loved this new internet craze of the bullet journal and because it is so flexible it is really easy to adapt to fit whatever you need it to do. I did a university deadline page and the teacher standards to remember what each of them is. It is a really useful way to have everything you need in your handbag.

Make to-do lists

Make a to-do list for you to achieve at the beginning of every week. When I have lots of things happening I do dailies in my bullet journal as I go along because sometimes I will need to have the whole page and sometimes I will just need a tiny section. If I know I do not have much going on during the week I will make a weekly spread to see my week in advanced.

I have also made a separate bullet journal just for teaching and university because it became to crowded in my personal and blog journal. This was I can keep them separate from one another and so far it has been working better.

bullet journal

Phone calendar

I do use my phone to keep a record as well because the use of the alarm feature is really useful when you need to have finished something within a certain time. I used my phone reminders within the calendar section to do this as this was already available on my iPhone.

Always have a space for studying

I think it is really important to have separate spaces for studying and sleeping. I know the thought of staying in bed while writing an essay sounds amazing, this will not get your mind in the mood for starting that essay early so you aren't put under stress the closer the deadline comes. Make sure you are in the best possible place for studying that will get you the most organised and productivity will soon follow.

So here are my top tips to get organised for university and some of my uses for my bullet journal, what do you do to become organised?