5 Little Things In Life That I Enjoy

Well, 2018 hasn’t gone to the greatest start (had the flu), apart from spending more time in my bed, which for any other reason would be amazing, but when you’re forced there it’s hardly ideal. I loved From Roses post about what to do when it gets off to a bad start and that made me feel better about the whole thing. I am, however, still motivated to get things done and to make sure that I start implementing new habits into my daily life. I have started a new job, so finally, money will be in my pocket and I will be able to go out and get some new clothes or stationery- whichever catches my eye first and just have a purpose to live again.

Its little things in life that allow you to just be content with who you are or what you love doing and that is really important to remember. Those little touches can go a long way to improve your mood and make you live in the present moment. Throughout the day we are bombarded with everyone else’s issues through social media, the news and being instantly contactable all the time. So I'm gunna make a suggestion here... it’s time to take a moment out of your day, switch off your phone and just live in the moment.

There’s always this thing now that people get out their phones for everything. Is there not a way to just watch something with your own eyes anymore? When you’re at a festival/concert and everyone’s just filming it on their phones rather than just enjoying it for what it is. Although, the only upside to that is that short people like me, can also watch it on their phone screens to actually see what the hell is going on. But it’s still not the same, if people's arms weren't up in the air, to begin with, I would be able to see anyway. Can we just enjoy something without technology getting in the way anymore? It's such a shame. 

And what's worse? I also heard on twitter the other day that some adults were texting during a theatre performance, why would you waste all that money to just text someone rather than the show? I just hate the way that we are becoming so attached to our phones. We definitely need to learn how to just be in the present moment again.

little things in life

5 Little Things In Life That I Enjoy

Drink Tea

Turn your phone off and just enjoy your cup of tea, it puts me in a great mood when all I am doing is enjoying a cup of tea. Tea is my life… which may not relate to you, but any drink you enjoy just see what it’s like without any other distractions. It tastes even better- if that’s possible. So let's make a deal, once you've taken your tea shot for Instagram stories, hide your phone and don't get it out again until you are finished. 


Watching a sunset is the most magical thing ever. It is great to just enjoy it rather than watching it on your phone screen if I wanted to do that I would watch it on TV- at least the screen will be bigger! I remember once, my friends and I bought some fish and chips and headed to the beach to watch the sunset. None of us got our phones out and it was one of the best moments that I will never forget. Stargazing and cloud watching are also just as full-filling and a great way to live in the moment. 

Listen To Music

Do you listen to music whilst doing a million other things at the same time? Same. But sometimes it is nice to just listen to the lyrics and just concentrate on them. I love understanding the lyrics and you also notice the feeling that the music gives off. There is nothing more powerful than that. Let's all just be in a place of zen. ok?

Listen To Birds Singing

Unless its pigeons, then you can carry on with your day, it’s so lovely to here nature and to just go outside for a walk. It makes me so happy when I have been out for a half an hour and you can go with a family member or a friend and talk to them too. It is great for catching up on life without any distractions. 

Complimenting People

I love random acts of kindness, so commenting on what someone else is wearing or letting someone know how hard they are working on their blog (and it shows) is a great way to lift up anyone’s mood. It also feels great knowing that you have made some feel happy today! It doesn’t take a lot; one kind thoughtful sentence can mean more to someone than you know. Spread the love and positivity!


All of these things you can do for free, so why not take 10 minutes out of your day to switch away from technology and live in the moment. It will be the best decision you have made today.

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