5 Top Tips For A Productive Week

Being productive can be hard, especially when you have a million and one things to do. I always s feel that when I have so much I need to get done I end procrastinating because I just don’t know where to start. I have found a few ways that I work best and I know that it is important to have successful days where I finish my to-do lists. Without forgetting, that it is also essential to have some down time too, in order to not be burned out. I have struggled with being productive a lot; the main way I have been able to work through this is organisation.

The bullet journal has made a huge impact on my productivity and has allowed me to be organised and I can create lists for different things to keep some aspects of my life separate. That’s the benefit of it, as you can pick and choose what elements you will add to it.

5 Top Tips For A Productive Week

Get Up Early

I am my most productive in the morning and so I have noticed that when I get up earlier I get so much more work done. I am also a night owl so I do struggle to get up early, but I have had some experience of being an early riser now (through my job) so I don’t find as difficult. I just need to get my night time routine better.

Write Your To-Do List For The Day

Keep it realistic about how much you can get done. If you have a big task that is going to take a number of hours then don’t put too much else on your list. Make sure you plan it so that you will be successful. There is nothing worse than having a list and not getting any of it done.

Prioritise Your To-Do List

If you have lots of tasks that need to be done than prioritise the most important ones that need to be completed first. That way you will be able to relax that you have done something important and productive that day and any of the other tasks can be rearranged for another day.

Hide Your Phone In A Draw

Take the distraction of checking Instagram 24/7 out of your mind. Out of sight of mind, right? I am so much more productive when I hide away my phone from myself. I can be distracted for hours once I get onto Instagram stories and before you know it you have completed your whole line of stories and refreshing for any new ones to appear. Don’t wanna get into that trap.

Listen To Music

I always work better with some background noise. I can’t have dead silence; it’s too eerie for me. I have always worked better with music but I need acoustic, relaxing music, I can’t work if it is too heavy or upbeat as that distracts me from my work. If a music jam comes on I find myself dancing and singing along with it rather than doing what I am supposed to be doing.

5 Top Tips For A Productive Week
5 Top Tips For A Productive Week

These are some of my top tips for being more productive. They really help me to get organised and the bullet journal can be used to support you with these things. Especially the to-do lists. Also, if you don’t get your entire list done in one day then don’t get disheartened there are seven days in the week and as long as you get the important ones done in time then you can fit the others around your schedule. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in this situation, I find it makes you achieve less if you do.

How Do You Stay Productive?