5 Ways To Make Friends At University

Making friends when you go to university doesn't have to be scary or difficult, everyone's in the same position and trying to find that someone to hang out with throughout your time at university. It is important to meet new people that are on your course so that you can gain support from people that understand the work that you are doing. 


5 Ways To Make Friends At University/College

Approach People

Everyone's in the same position of not knowing anyone so talk to the people on your course. It will be scary at first but once you know someone you can meet the other people in your class together, so it won't be as scary. I was always nervous meeting new people, I'm not the most extroverted person but I had to ‘pretend’ I was confident in order to talk to the other people in my class.

Don't Just Talk About Yourself

It's important to get to know the other person you are talking to. So ask them questions and obviously answer their questions, but please don't talk about yourself to the point that the other person becomes bored or if it's to the point of an information overload. I don't need to know your life history on the first ever day of knowing you!

Be Yourself

There are always going to be people that like you and people that don't. That's life! But be yourself no matter what and the right people will come to you. You don't want to change the way you act or behave because there is nothing worse than being something your not- remember mean girls? It didn't end right with Kady, so it won't be any different for you!


There’s no better way to make friends than to smile because you will seem approachable and it will make other people smile back at you. Have you heard the quote ‘smiling is infectious’? It's so true!

Go To A Coffee Shop/Pub

Meeting people at a café or a pub is a great way to meet them socially; it is also more of an informal environment than being the classroom so people are more likely to feel comfortable. You will be able to talk about more personal topics rather than whatever the teacher in the class will talk to you about.

What are your tips for making new friends?