6 Pressures Of Bullet Journaling

As with anything, there are pressures that you face when you start beginning to join any community. It is difficult not to swoon over other people’s bullet journals and look to see how amazing they look on Instagram and Pinterest. It can make you think that your bullet journal looks a mess and not worth spending any more time on.

Throughout my bullet journal days, I have discovered some challenges that I face on (probably) a monthly basis. I look at other people’s page spreads and want to chuck my bullet journal in the bin. Or my handwriting just isn’t fancy enough to be allowed to have a bullet journal, so why should I bother.

These pressures did affect me for the longest time. I wouldn’t post my bullet journal pages onto social media for the fear that they were not good enough. I would practise doing my own version of calligraphy to keep in line with the other fancy handwriting skills out there on the web.

Nothing I accomplished, I thought, was worthy or perfect enough to be seen by anyone apart from me.

Until it hit me that other people would be having the exact struggles as me; I cannot be the only one right? And with everything, I have improved my bullet journal skills, over time, with practice. So if you haven’t started a bullet journal already make sure that you do not worry about any of these pressures and just get going.

6 Pressures Of Bullet Journaling

6 Pressures Of Bullet Journaling


With the likes of Boho Berry and Tiny Ray Of Sunshine who have gorgeous looking bullet journals. It is hard not to compare yourself to other people. Just like any other part of your life when comparison hits it can be toxic. It is best sometimes not to consume a large number of bullet journal examples because it will defer you from creating the pages that are going to be useful to you.


There is a misconception that your handwriting needs to be fancy for the bullet journal and when I first started out, I thought exactly the same. It is silly thinking like that really. It is supposed to act as a tool to help your productivity and organisation of your day to day tasks and goals. It is ok to have everything all over the place because life is like that too sometimes.


I have had the artistic/minimalistic debate before and always thought every single page of the bullet journal had to be this amazing piece of art. In reality, you cannot keep that up. Life gets busy, so sometimes using the system how it was originally meant to be used, with simple bullets, will be handier than making everything pretty.

Buying The Latest Stationery Trends

There is also pressure to keep up to date with the latest notebook, washi tape, stencils, watercolours or pens. To start a bullet journal, all you need is a pen and one notebook. Do not feel that you have to have an endless supply of stationery to use in your bullet journal. I do love collecting stationery, but I have learnt to only purchase the stationery that I will find useful.

Using All The Different Types Of Pages

There are so many pages that people advise you to use like trackers, dailies, weeklies, monthlies, future logs. Don’t feel inclined to use all of them all the time. It is your bullet journal and you can use or take out any pages that do not suit you. I have a really hard time keeping up with habit and mood trackers so I have completely taken them out of my bullet journal now. I do not regret it one bit!

When It Doesn’t Work For You Straight Away

It is hard when the bullet journal system works for so many people and you just can’t put your finger on why it isn’t working for you. I had to have a lot of patience when I first started out to not quit it while I was still trialling my layouts. It does take time to find your mojo and to know what pages are useful and enhance your productivity. I have had lots of people tell me they are still trying to figure out the pages that work best for them and that is completely fine. It took me a good couple of months to really know what pages suited me and not just using them because other people liked those pages.


There are obviously pros and cons with using the bullet journal, but if it is a system you could see yourself benefiting from then it would be a shame to not give it a go. Ignoring these pressures will make it easier to start and continue to maintain your bullet journal for years to come.

What pressures do you find about the bullet journal?