4 Best Content Blocks To Use In Squarespace

I’m in my second year of blogging on Squarespace and I love learning about all the different tools so that I can design a website that I love. My blog has had many changes over the last few years and I definitely love my latest design! I definitely did so much research with which site would be the best one for me out of Squarespace and Wordpress and I have not looked back since.

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4 Best Content Blocks To Use In Squarespace


There are many advantages to the Image tool as you can display it differently through the many design options that Squarespace provides cards, posters or even an overlap option so you can create many different looks within your site. My personal favourites is the collage option as I used it to create my about me page and to write about my art progress steps. Each one can be edited in a style that suits your colour scheme for the blog and links on the image or via a button are allowed on each one.

4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace


Enables you to write on top of the image to make a title page more interesting.

4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace


All writing and link buttons are stacked underneath each other making it all look very neat.


4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace


The title overlaps the image, giving the look of the photograph a different feel.

4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace


The background of this can be fully customisable along with how much you want the writing to overlap the image.


4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace


You can write next to the image- the colours of text, background of card are customisable!



The summary block has been by far my most used block!  I use it on my main page to have a summary of what has recently appeared on the blog. You can change the categories option to just promote your blogs in that particular category (like I’ve done on the D.I.Y homepage) and they provide a great way to see related posts underneath all your blog posts so readers can go and check out similar posts. You can create grids, walls or carousels which are customisable to with the size of text, to show the exert or not, whether to show a thumbnail image or just the title.

Wall- makes the posts go in mosaic type style


Grid- makes the posts all the same size to form neat rows


Carousel- lets you have arrows at the top where you can flick through a number of different posts.


List- Creates the option of having all of your blog posts stacked underneath each other



I love using this to help me link to other pages. It just makes it stand out more than a link in the post! You can customise a large, medium and small button to fit the colours of your blog as well. They can be rounded, solid or just the text too.



This is the one block that you don’t actually see on the blog, I use this to spread out my content and to create columns to make sure that whatever I am posting stays in line with that column.

4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace

I’m using 3 spacers to make three equal columns. They are also providing some space from the previous paragraph.

4 Best Content Blocks To Use On Squarespace

Which Squarespace Content Blocks can you not live without?

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