Bucket List Australia

I have always said I wanted to visit Australia but I never really had an idea of things I would like to see when I am out there. I thought it was time to do some research as to what I would actually want to see when I actually get there. I love planning trips when I know that I am actually going abroad, however, if I haven’t booked my plane tickets yet, I normally know where I want to go but don’t really plan what I would there. I think it stops the disappointment of the fact I can’t afford to go just yet. There are other things that I need before I break the bank to Australia. This doesn’t mean it will never happen though because I am going there as soon as the timing is right!

I think Australia appeals to me because there won’t be a language barrier (like America) but yet they will have a different culture to us. The photographs that I have mainly seen mainly from helloemilie’s Instagram really captures the beauty a diverse landscape that Australia has.

Bucket list Australia

Bucket List Australia

Sydney Opera House  

How can you go to Australia and not go and at least see the Sydney Opera house! I would love to walk up those 200 steps and have an alternative view of Sydney. I am always up for a photography opportunity, as one of the worlds most recognised landmarks it would be amazing to tick this off the list.

Queen Victoria Market

I love little markets; really show the culture of a place and it will also make an excuse to visit Melbourne too. From the looks of it, they have a wide selection of items to shop for and I love picking up little keepsakes of my holidays, so this looks like the perfect place to do that.

Melbourne Zoo

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with some koalas at the zoo? They also have a variety of other animals here too. I always love zoos with elephants and there isn’t that many I have been to that have elephants. So this zoo is already a winner for me.

Sydney Tower Eye

I would love to reach the top of this tower, as the highest point in Sydney; you would be able to get amazing views. Although, I don’t think I would be brave enough to do the skywalk.

Hamilton Island Wildlife

To go and see koalas and kangaroos, they are literally the animals I associate with Australia, so you can’t go there without going to see these animals, can you?

Great Barrier Reef

An amazing view and a chance to experience something different, maybe have a go at snorkelling in the reef which I have never done before. Those colours look incredible, might have to invest in a go pro to capture it all!

Hunter Valley

Because wine! I cannot go to Australia and not try out there wine now, can I? I went wine tasting in Italy and loved it, so I have made it my mission to go wine tasting in more countries to see which countries wine I like the best. Hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Have you ever been to Australia?