Essentials for the perfect night in With Your Girlfriends

Sometimes money is short and you need a girl’s night for those honesty chats that make you ugly cry and moments where you full on laugh until your stomach hurts. It is great for those months where money is tight but you still want a good night to hang out with your friends. I cannot wait to have my own place where I can host these nights more often. Another reason why I cannot wait until I buy my own house!

I love nights in just as much as nights out (maybe more) I think you can just have more meaningful conversations and really catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in a while. With everyone working and busy with their own life it does make it harder to find a time when everyone is around to do something. Which makes these nights in even more essential.

Essentials for the perfect night in With Your Girlfriends

Essentials for the perfect night in With Your Girlfriends


There is nothing better than making your own cocktails, you can make a whole bunch and there will be enough for everyone to have some. Sangria and sex on the beach are my favourites.


Who doesn’t like a game of cards against humanity, or some drinking games to start the evening of? They can be a great way to start to know a group of people better especially if you haven’t known them for very long. It will also relax everyone so that you all can start having an amazing time.


A little bit of party music playing in the background will set the tone and atmosphere of the evening in. Let’s pretend that we are at the clubs, ok? The party Spotify playlist will help with that entirely.


I love a good chick flick when those games come to an end. There are so many to choose from and Netflix has a few classics especially wild child and Angus, Thongs and Perfect snogging.

Face Masks

What’s better than having a pamper evening? Make sure you get some Montagne Juenesse and leave with your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated!


I love lighting a few candles they definitely create a lovely cosy vibe, and you cannot go wrong with any candles from Jo Malone am I right?


Well you can’t possibly go and watch a film without some snack now, can you? I personally love crisps and you can’t go wrong with sensations!


Because who wants a night into just last a few hours, let’s make it last the whole night! Get your comfiest pyjamas and get cosy!

Hopefully, this will be helpful for your next girlie night in. what do you like to get up to when you’re with your gal pals?