I Struggle To Multitask & How I Overcome It

I really struggle with multitasking different aspects of my life. I find it so hard if I am focusing on one aspect of my life to keep up with other aspects. I hate feeling overwhelmed and being so busy that I have no room left to have some down time. That what I hated about my university course, I had so many essays and work to do that it all got on top of me and I all I was doing was working and sleeping.

I then got into a really bad mental state because I wasn’t having any fun and all my thoughts were consumed with work and writing essays. I am so glad that I did eventually pass it but I have promised myself to never get like that again. I know there are deadlines in work life too but if I need an evening off for myself then I will take it. Looking after yourself is the most important thing.

I Struggle To Multitask & How I Overcome It

I Struggle To Multitask

I struggle with my work/life balance so much, when I was working full time I would let all my hobbies slip and I just felt like I was trapped in this circle of work, sleep, eat, repeat. I obviously do want to have a good job and be able to support myself but I am definitely more of the person who wants to work to live than live to work.

I hate feeling overwhelmed when I have too much going on and this makes me have an increase of stress and I hate feeling stressed. I then go into a bad cycle of procrastinating because I don’t know where to start so I end up not doing anything that I need to get done.

This then makes me lose track of my friends and I never seem to have any time for other people. I burn myself out and am too tired to do anything else. I really need to learn how to mix the two things together. 

I want to have a rewarding job that I enjoy but I do not want it to affect my personal and social life too much. I need to learn to make time for others, it might not be as often as it used to be but at least I will be able to catch up with the people I care most about.

How I Have Tried To Overcome It

Break Things Down Into Manageable Chunks

Breaking things down into small manageable chunks and write this down. That is why I love having a bullet journal as I can write down anything that I may be worrying about and because it is written down I know that I will not forget to do it. I have also learnt not to so hard on myself if I don’t complete it. There are 7 days of the week if it doesn’t happen on one day because other things are more of a priority there are other days to complete it. I just need to remember to not keep putting it off otherwise it will never get done.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

I know this isn’t multitasking, but when I get this overwhelming feeling I need to just focus on one thing at a time. I get into a bad habit of trying to start all these things at once and never finishing any of the activities. If I focus on one thing at a time then at least I would get something done.

Make Time To Do Something You Enjoy

I always try to make some time to do something that I enjoy so that if I am getting overwhelmed and stressed I have a way of escaping that for a little while. The things I like to do are blogging, art, reading and photography. I love things that you can live in the moment and forget about everything else for a while.

How Do You Cope When You have lots of things going on all at once?