Life Lessons That I Have Learnt From Friends

Yes, I am talking about the TV show.

I have loved Friends for as long as I remember; when they played the end episode it was so emotional for me. I know that there have been some rumours that they are making a film. But I don’t know if I do want this to happen. I kind of like the fact that I think Chandler and Monica are still together raising their children. Joey will always have a strong relationship with his chick and duck and Rachel and Ross are talking about being on a break somewhere. I think a film will ruin my ‘they lived happily ever after’ image that I have already in my head.

Life Lessons That I Have Learnt From Friends

Life Lessons That I Have Learnt From Friends

You May Not Always Start Off In A Job You Want

Rachel started out using money from daddy’s credit card and ended up at Ralph Lauren. You need to work hard to get to where you want to be, it may not come straight away but that doesn’t mean that it will never come at all.

There Are Other Ways To Get Pregnant

I definitely don’t want babies yet but I think it was a great storyline for the TV show to raise awareness about other ways to have babies by going through the process of adoption or having someone carry a baby for you. Sometimes there are reasons that woman can’t have babies the biological way and I think it is important to remember these other options out there.

Never Date “A Ross”

I think I have definitely learnt to never date “a Ross” type of person. He gets so jealous easily and I don’t think he ever really liked Rachel getting into something she loved. He hated that she was spending time at work more and he was getting angry at her for making a living for herself. Also, he could not make up his mind about her going to Paris for the job, I know they had a child together and he had Ben who lived there but I still don’t know why she made sacrifices to be with him and not go to her dream job, he could have been more supportive of her throughout the TV show.

Keeping Secrets Never Work In A Friendship Group

If you want to keep a secret in a friendship group, the best way to do that is to not tell anyone. Friendship groups are the worst for spreading gossip and just like Chandler and Monica hiding their relationship, it wasn’t long before all the gossiping started about them behind their backs.

Just drink Wine & Sit Around In A Wedding Dress

What a perfect Sunday! Who says you need a man to buy a wedding dress? I love that scene so much! I think every body should do that at some point in their life, have a girlie night and obviously get wine envolved and just have a fab night with all the ladies. 

What Life Lessons Have You Learnt From A TV Show?