Plan With Me: Look Through February

I decided to do my February pages differently this month because I have been using a different planner for work (which I will tell you about next week) so I didn't need as much structure to my bullet journal this month. This is why I love it so much, you can make it work for your needs at that moment in time. I have focused on blogging things in my bullet journal this month and want to start tracking some statistics that I want to keep track off. I know numbers aren't everything, but I love seeing if I have improved over the different months. 


Plan With Me: Look Through February

Hello Page

I decided to have a simpler hello page this month and I got a scrapbook set from Hobby Craft and stuck some of them on my February hello page. I love the simplicity and it was so quick and easy to do which was perfect for me this month as work has picked up and I didn't have time to spend making it look really pretty. It is always important to remeber that a bullet journal doesn't have to look fancy, it just needs to make you be more productive. 

Calendar & To Do Lists

I wanted to have a calendar like last month, I love the simple list look, here I will plan in the blog posts that I want to publish this month and plan out where each blog posts will go. This is a great way for me to make sure that the bullet journal, blogging, lifestyle and art posts are evenly spread out over the month. I wanted a whole month to do list this month. My work schedule is unpredictable so I haven't been able to plan in advance what I wanna do each day, so I thought this would be good to have an on going list that I could keep going back to on any free days I get.   

to do list

Page Views and Social Media Strategies

I wanted to keep track of my social media and page views habits so I have written them down everything that I want to try to implement this month. I then will add to it or take things out depending on what works and what doesn't. I want to see if I improve pageviews over the months so that I can look back and see how far I have come. And so far I have been really consistent and getting over 1K pageviews every month. I am so happy with that considering I couldn't get up to 1K when I first started. 

social page view statistics

Have you made any changes to your bullet journal this month?