Must-have Apps & Websites You Need As A Blogger

As a blogger there are a few apps that are essential to make your life a little easier when you need to get a post ready for publishing and for promotion purposes.

There are some apps that bloggers definitely need to help them make this process easier, especially scheduler apps.

Whoever invented them are a genius and on behalf of every blogger we thank you for it.

Must-have Apps & Websites You Need As A Blogger

Must-have Apps & Websites you need as a blogger

Photography, Videography & Editing


This is my go to app for editing pictures for Instagram. There are so many filters and the editing tools are so easy to use.


I especially love the selection tool on this app, where you can select a section of the image that you’d like to edit.


This allows you to video your Instagram stories then it breaks it up into 15 second sections that you can upload straight away without the worry of Instagram cutting you up mid-sentence.


This is my go to website when I am making graphics for my blog and Pinterest! It is so easy to use and the ready made templates help you make graphics easily.

Social media


Instagram is my favourite social media app, as it is such a visual way to see content from other people’s blogs. I also try to post roundups of blog updates when I remember too.


I get quite a lot of traffic to my blog from Twitter so I like to make sure I am spending time engaging with other bloggers.


I don’t know about you but Pinterest is my favourite app ever, all your favourite things all in one place with access to a tonne of information. I love it so much, it is also the app that refers the most traffic to my blog.


Good for posting in Facebook groups which is what I used it for, as there are so many groups that will be able to support you and your blog. One I particularly love is exciting emails run by Vix Meldrew.


This app makes it super easy to catch up on your favourite blog posts when you are on the train, bus or having a break.  


Google analytics

This is good to see a range of analytics like bounce rate and audience activity, to see which posts are performing particularly well.

Squarespace analytics

Squarespace has their own analytics system which I like to look at too as it just looks so much simpler than googles. I love the charts that it makes and I do keep an eye out for my page views each month to make a note of it in my blogging bullet journal. Probably not that useful for those that aren’t on Squarespace, but I am sure WordPress has their own version of this too.



I’m more of a bullet journal note taker but when there is a reason I don’t have it with me I use the notes app on my phone otherwise I’d forget my idea.


I love writing some blog posts out on my phone, when I am sitting in front of the TV or some inspiration hits me at a random time of the day, I like having a space I can get everything off my head.


This app helps you to plan your Instagram feed to see how it would look in a grid. It now allows you to schedule your posts automatically if you have a business account. 


Has beautiful templates to help you create Instagram stories and plan them within folders. It’s feee to download, but you can buy other templates- I bought the film one because they looked so cool!  


Itunes Podcasts/Acast

I love learning how to grow my blog and social media there are so many blog podcasts that will help you to grow and learn how to have a successful blog. Some of my favourites are on this post.

Scheduler apps


I used to use this before I went and tried Smarterqueue and really enjoyed how easy this app was to use and would go back to it if I decided Smarterqueue isn’t working for me.


I tried paying for an automated scheduler, even though I no longer have to take care of promotion on my social media accounts, I don’t think this has helped an awful lot! It has saved me a tonne of time though, meaning I can write more blog posts.


This website is brilliant for scheduling pins. You can also join tribes to share your content in too. Pinterest is my best traffic source so I try to make sure I keep trying new strategies to keep improving my traffic reach!  


Automatically posts to your social media whatever you ask it too. I use this to share my Instagram posts to all my other social media, as it then lets you have a picture with the link too; which doesn’t happen on Twitter if you directly share your post to it.

And Finally, 

I hope you’ve found this list useful, and have added any ones that you think are useful to your own app collection.

I think they are so useful to have access to on your phone or laptop. I also make a folder on my phone and name it blogging so that they are all in one place too; which makes it so much easier to find the ones that you need.

What apps do you find useful for blogging?

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