My First Week Blogging

Can we just take a minute to say how beautiful the weather has been lately in England, yes that’s correct, I did say England.

Commenting on the weather is such an English thing to do, if you ever need to use any small chat for any reason, just talk about the weather, we Brits love it!

Anyway… it’s the Easter holidays for me but before you all become so jealous and hate me, it hasn’t really felt like time off. 

Just because I am training to be a teacher and do get these breaks from going out the house doesn’t mean I don’t have things I need to do, even if I am doing them from my bed.

As a trainee teacher, not only do I have to plan lessons this holiday, I have essays to write and rewrite the ones that I have already done, so I probably should be doing that rather than writing a blog post, to be honest.

But everyone needs a break, right? I thought this section of the blog could be a way to just say anything that I have had in my head for too long that just needs to be blurted out onto the page.

My first week blogging has been so enjoyable, find out why!

My First Week Blogging

So, I have made it past the first week of blogging since I just thought “What the heck? Let’s just do it, you have done all the research you could have possibly done” so I courageously hit the select payment option and started my new Squarespace blog. It has a ‘.com’ on the end rather that ‘’ I am so excited about that it’s ridiculous. I can’t be the only person in the whole world to think that, can I? Well, it’s me, so maybe it can be true.

For a new blog, I think I have done really well considering. Yes, my page views aren’t really high, but I have been making a special effort to talk to other bloggers on Twitter chats and the response has been amazing and supportive. This blog is like my baby, all I want to do is eat, sleep, blog, repeat. I feel like it is Christmas and I have opened the coolest present ever.

It has been easier than I thought to set it up this blog, who knew Squarespace would be so easy and if I did have any issues Squarespace’s help section is so thorough anyway, there was no reason at all for my ‘do I?’ ‘Don’t I?’ start a proper blog dilemma.

My only issue really was Mail chimp, boy that was a mystery to me. I felt like I spent my first whole day trying to get that to work. But I managed it, mini celebratory dance to me. Then I could concentrate on creating the content, which is by far the best bit.

I have so many ideas of where I want to take my blog but for the moment I want to create content people come back and read because that it what is going to get you reader’s right?

This means getting to grips with the challenge of getting more email subscribers which I didn’t need to worry so much about on my other free WordPress blog; challenge accepted.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to raise email subscribers then help a fellow blogger out, and let me know?

I am getting some posts scheduled so that I can make my blogging day Tuesday at 5 pm UK time. I have no idea if that time is when my readers are all out but I am sure I will find that out soon.

I have read so many blog posts about how to get started and the one I am going to recommend to you are ones from Elle and Company.

She has so much information on her website, she is a Squarespace expert, which is useful for me, and she inspired me to join the Squarespace club and I am super happy with it so far, thanks, Lauren. I still feel a bit daunted with how to grow as a blogger, however, I am motivated to learn and increase my following.

Let’s go back a second, can I just say how awesome Twitter chats are. I am so terrible at remembering that they are on though, I need to make a calendar alert on my phone. #GRLPOWR, in particular, has been one of my favourites this week. The bloggers that I have met on their have been so lovely and just as crazy about musicals as I am. What’s not to love about a musical chat? I hope all chats are this good!

If anyone has made a timetable of when different Twitter chats are on then please holla at me because I am going to join more chats. I will make that one of my blogging goals otherwise I will probably forget, again.  

I am so happy with my blog so far and I am going to keep working hard with over the next couple of weeks. Then, when my course finishes in June, I will have the whole summer to make it super awesome and spend even more time on it.

I have been able to use what I have learnt already about blogging into making this one more successful than my last one. Well, that’s my first week of blogging over, here to another 100 weeks!

What have you done this week?