Quitting Social Media: What I Learnt

I have started the scroll free September because I tried to quit social media before and failed after 3 days so I thought I would give it all another go. Because I will not go on it for a month, I am determined! I have blocked the websites for all my social media on my computer and my safari so when I have a week moment and type ‘f-enter’ as a habit, a lovely picture comes up instead.

Quitting Social Media: What I Learnt

Quitting Social Media: What I Learnt

I noticed my mood improve straight away which was really strange (although I still get hangry), I wasn’t feeling like I was comparing myself to other people and had to think about what I wanted to do with my life.

I even had a chance to bond with the mail man. I was sat in the garden belting out ‘You’re the one that I want’ from Grease (as you do). I didn’t hear the doorbell ring because I was too engrossed in my amazing singing talent, and he came round the garden singing an Elvis Presley song. What a hero.

I have had a new found motivation to try and get on top of some subject knowledge to improve my teaching because I needed to find some other things to do that didn’t involve scrolling.

 I have started to enjoy reading again too, with the completion of the ‘Potion Diaries’ book that I was meaning to finish ages ago and now I have started ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’.  It was also great to be in the moment rather than constantly looking at your phone as I went for a lovely dog walk and took my camera out and started shooting some pictures.

I also did have moments where I did feel lost without scrolling my phone, I was worried that I was missing out on events that people create on Facebook but I just reached out to people to hang out with them instead. I have the next 3 weekends booked up already so we really don’t need social media to plan this.

It is weird to not have anything to scroll when you’re waiting for someone to come back or needing to kill time for 5 minutes. I had to just be comfortable in the environment that I was in, some people watching and over-hearing other people’s conversations have become my new fill in activities!

I have also had time to look at my blog in an analytical way and see what I don’t like about it, and I have actually managed to pinpoint exactly what I think I need to improve on, and that is photography. I didn’t have a clue why I didn’t love my blog until now! Amazing how much thinking space I have in my brain now social media has left it.

End of the week summary,

I have missed Instagram so much; the other social media’s not so much. I used to keep up to date with bloggers on Instagram so it is weird not being able to see new updates from them. However, Bloglovin has been my new go-to app to see updates from all my fave bloggers.

I have seen a huge increase in productivity this week. I have used my phone time to learn more about photography and making some changes to my blog. I have really enjoyed updating my knowledge about Squarespace. Even though I have been using it for nearly 2 years now, I always believe there are new things to learn. I haven’t gotten grips to coding yet though, although with Squarespace you don’t really need it. I think that I have created a website that I love now! Thanks, Google and Canva!

Have you ever quit social media for a week?