Reverse Bucket List

I’ve written blog posts about what I wanna do before in 30, places I wanna go in America and Australia. So I thought I would do a blog post of things that I have done which I can come back and add to it. 

It’s about time that I stepped back and be proud of the things I’ve accomplished already in my life. There’s always Mr comparison lurking around and he is so toxic. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. My journey is different from everyone else’s and that is what defines me. 

We can get caught up in all the things that we haven’t done and forget everything we have done. I want to remember all the brilliant things I’ve done with my friends and family and make a little reminder of all the memories I have gained over the years. 

Reverse Bucket List

  1. Cliff jumping

  2. Paddle boarding

  3. Moved to London

  4. Lived in halls

  5. Got a degree

  6. Became a qualified primary teacher

  7. Been on a 24-hour coach trip

  8. Joined the netball team at Uni

  9. Completed an apprenticeship

  10. Got the confidence to post my art online

  11. Been in a relationship

  12. Started a blog

  13. Learnt how to build my own website

  14. Rock climbing (wall and cliff edge)

  15. Canoeing

  16. Bike rides

  17. Disneyland Paris

  18. Chessington

  19. Thorpe Park

  20. Flamingo land

  21. Lego land

  22. Fishers farm

  23. Portugal for my friend's wedding

  24. Croatia for netball tour at university

  25. Turkey

  26. Italy with my mum

  27. France with my friend from school

  28. Spain

  29. Romania to volunteer with disadvantaged children

  30. Zante

  31. York

  32. Kent

  33. London

  34. Scotland

  35. Wales

  36. Lincoln

  37. Cornwall

  38. Brighton

  39. Somerset

  40. Bath

  41. Blackpool

  42. Dublin for a day

  43. Seen Billy Elliot, Legally Blonde, Wicked, We Will Rock You, Chicago, Avenue Q, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Fascinating Aida, Les Mis, Bat Outta Hell on the stage

  44. Collabro concert

  45. Charlie Simpson gig twice

  46. Decorated my room

  47. Saved up for a laptop which was my goal a couple of years ago

  48. Worked in retail

  49. Worked at a nursery

  50. Worked in schools

  51. Volunteered in a charity shop for work experience

  52. Sailing around the Isle Of Wight

  53. Jersey Channel Island

  54. Rhodes

Reverse Bucket List
Reverse Bucket List

What Have You Accomplished?