Rhodia Notebook Review

I have tried out the Rhodia notebook for another bullet journal alternative and so far I can say that I really love it at the moment! I have been using it for my blog bullet journal where I have brainstormed blog post ideas and planned out some strategies that I want to implement on this blog.

Rhodia Notebook Review

Rhodia Notebook Review

Rhodia notebooks are made in the French Alps and are known for their high quality, standards and designs. They stock a range of notebooks from their original orange one to web notebooks. All their notebooks have their logo carved on the front and come in a variety of colours to meet everyone’s personal needs.


Hard Back Cover is so useful when carrying your bullet journal around in your bag (it will stop you from bending the pages which is my pet hate and something that the Nuuna Notebook lacks) it is also a great size, and lightweight so it won’t feel like you’re carrying rocks. I also think that this hardcover makes feel luxurious which I also love, I have quite high standards for a notebook now, I need to know that it is of a high quality. The paper is also quite thick so there is limited ghosting that happens. I have only used Staedtler Fine liners and Faber Castell Pitt Pens and they work brilliantly in this notebook. It also has a variety of paper types that you can purchase, there are dotted, gridded, lined and graph, so whatever you need a notebook for they have a variety of anything that you may need. Even though it feels highquality the price tag is not extortionate either, the notebook that I purchased was £16 which is less than what I bought for the LT1917 and the Nuuna Notebook. I think this is so reasonable for a brilliant notepad of this quality.

To Summarise,

  1. Small-Can Fit In Your Handbag

  2. Hardcover

  3. Limited ghosting

  4. Reasonable Price

  5. Range Of Different Types Of Paper

  6. Pages don’t bleed as much as the Leuchturm 1917

Rhodia Notebook Review


There is not as much as a range of different covers for the Rhodia, they are quite plain. I do love having a colourful cover on a notebook and the Nuuna notebooks definitely do this better than the Rhodia. I just love my rose gold Nuuna, and no one can take that away from me. The page width is narrow which may be smaller than those from the Nuuna notebook and LT1917 so some page spreads that you choose to use may not work as well. I find that the best page spreads are list ones for that notebook because if you try to do grids there isn’t a lot of room for your writing (and my writing isn’t that big!) There are also fewer resources in the Rhodia than the LT1919, for example, it doesn’t have its own index, the pages aren’t numbered, there isn’t a pocket at the back and there is only one ribbon. If you want any of these it will have to be a DIY project with the Rhodia. But using bookmarks and sticking an envelope in the back may be the key to all your problems. For me, making my own index and writing the page numbers myself isn’t much of a deal breaker.

To Summarise,

  1. Narrow pages

  2. Not a huge range of different cover designs

  3. It doesn’t have the bullet journal resources like the LT1917

Rhodia Notebook Review


I would definitely recommend this notebook as it is handy to put in your handbag and it does have the quality feel, that it won’t get damaged too easily thanks to the hardcover. The cost of this notebook is cheaper than the Nuuna Notebook which is a bonus and the paper doesn’t bleed too much; the page width is just slightly thinner than the Nuuna Notebook so some page spreads you’d normally put in, may need to be adjusted slightly. I would give this notebook a 4/5.

Have you tried the Rhodia?