What I Wish School Taught Us

I was thinking about all the adulting that I have had to do lately and it just came to my mind that I was never taught this at school and maybe we should be. I am not generalising this to all schools this is just my experience and what I think I should have been taught. At the moment all these things seem alien to me as I haven’t had the chance to be able to fully get involved with any of these things. They are experiences that I will eventually have, but at the moment it is quite scary not really knowing 100% about what I am letting myself in for.

What I Wish School Taught Us

What I Wish School Taught Us

Bills, Tax & Savings

Wouldn’t this have made maths more fun? Instead of working out abstract maths to prepare for tests, which let’s be honest, is no use to anyone when they start living in the real world, they could have prepared us for the tax man. To be able to quickly solve maths equations about how much tax we may have to be paid, if someone’s self-employed they would need to work out how much they would have to pay. Why couldn’t they have taught us this? To me, it’s so confusing, one because I have never done it before because I haven’t needed to yet but two I haven’t been taught it either.

How To Run A House

There is so many things to consider when owning a house. What if something goes wrong? How much money does it cost to run? What if you can’t pay your bills in time? There are so many unknowns about owning a house and I don’t yet have all the information I need to even start looking. I want to buy my own house eventually but it’s scary when you know nothing about the process or how much it will cost.

What’s It Like To Be Employed

Working for an employer is so different than being in education. I think more emphasis needs to be on what it is like to employed as that is where we are going to end up for the majority of our life. Yes, grades need to be met but they are worthless without an end goal in mind. I don’t think I was ever prepared for the place of work, I know everyone will experience something different as jobs are so varied but there must be some common grounds that all jobs have that we could have been made aware of at school.

Other Options Than University

I know I went to university, but schools seem to have this fix idea that you have to go to university to get into a job that you want. Unless you want to be a doctor, or teacher then yes university is pretty important for that. But there are other ways to get into the job of your dreams. I feel that there needs to be less pressure put on to people to go to university as there is more than one route to get into these things.

Final Thoughts

These are just some random thoughts I had the other day, I know how much stress schools are under from first-hand experience and I wouldn’t want to add any more stress to their plates but I think if there was meaning behind the reasons we have to work hard and get good grades than it would help some people get the motivation to do well. For example, I worked harder at university than school because at university I had the motivation of wanting to be a teacher and I needed to work hard to get the most out of my experience and be proud of my accomplishments. I just now need to learn how to do all the other aspects of my life like paying bills so that I don’t have to live with my parents (although I do love them) forever.

What do you wish school had taught you?