Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress

Starting a blog can be overwhelming, there’s so much to learn and lots of information on the internet to tell you how to start. But there are always conflicting views, what one person said another person said the complete opposite. Some people love GoDaddy as a hosting sight others swear by Bluehost. You sit there and you are even more confused than you were before you even started. And Blogger is even worse; I don’t get that site at all! Loads of people say it’s the easiest, but I found Wordpress free site easier than that.

Then I found Elle and Company’s website and oh my god she knows how to keep things factual and simple, even easy to follow which is amazing! She was talking about using Squarespace and I was like, “I need to use that”, it seems so much easier than any other site out there. If you are wondering which site to use then I suggest you go read her blog, just to make sure that you are going to make the right decision! It’s so informative.

I’m so glad I chose Squarespace (it was a relief to find one that I was comfortable to use after all that research that I was doing); it’s the reason that I have a blog today because it didn’t confuse me as much as Wordpress does. Yes, there may be a limitation of how you can customise it due to the templates but you have the flexibility to make your own pages. That’s what I did for my home page, I created it using a blank page and putting everything I wanted onto that page. The template that I use is Skye which is a magazine style template which is shown on the ‘blog’ tab and the images are in a grid format. I have no control over that but I made my home page from scratch. I am so happy with it at the moment. 

why I chose Squarespace over Wordpress

Why I Chose Squarespace Over WordPress

Option To Buy Your Own Domain Name

With Squarespace, you didn’t need to go out of the sight to purchase your own domain name. The whole looking at hosting company’s and the prices were just adding up and I didn’t really know what I was doing. When I read how easy it was to sign up with Squarespace all my worries seemed to disappear and I was able to make the leap into own domain territory. It was such an amazing feeling having just .com at the end of the URL address rather than wordpress.com! I think I had to pinch myself for days afterwards.

No Coding!

This is something I knew nothing about but with Squarespace, you do not have to worry about it at all. If I knew some genius coding people I may have started with Wordpress but I am leaning everything I know by myself and I didn’t need that extra stress. Squarespace has beautiful templates which are easily styled to coincide with your brand. It took me 3 days to really get the look I was after with my blog. But I cannot be more pleased with it. You can add blocks that you want, locked pages, landing pages and galleries easily. It’s saved so much time for me but it was an adjustment to get used to after being on the free Wordpress site.  

No Plugins

I just couldn’t get my head around all the extra stuff you needed to do with the Wordpress blog and all those plugins that needed to be updated regularly and if you added the wrong one it could mess up your blog too. Who needs that stress in their life? And I didn’t have a clue what any of it meant even though I was researching it non-stop when I was looking to start a blog seriously.

Templates Are Beautiful

You might not be able to import a template from outside of Squarespace but the templates they offer are so beautiful anyway I don’t think you need to. It takes seconds to set up so if you needed to get your posts out their quickly you’d be able to do this near enough straight away! Then make any changes that you want to make along the way. That’s what I did because I didn’t really know what I wanted out of my website so when I got some ideas I then started tweaking my own site. Even if our sites not finished you wouldn’t know as they are so professional looking.

why I chose Squarespace over wordpress

I Think,

Squarespace is a brilliant alternative to Wordpress and I am so glad I took the leap to be able to own my website and start blogging more seriously. I’ve learnt so much through this process and I’m still learning to this day. I love how my blog looks and the template really helps bring out my content and make it look really professional.

If you are stuck on which platform to go for, well I highly recommend Squarespace and if you’re not as confident with coding and the whole website thing, this is a great alternative and I’ve found it to be really easy to use. Or if I need help the Squarespace help site is so useful too and has answered nearly all of my website related questions.

What were the reasons you chose your blog site?