How To Have A Routine At Home

To become more organised I treated myself to a weekly planner to plan out blog posts and things that need to be done to start my next chapter towards my new career! I can be an organised person and then some days I will be the least productive person I know; even when there is a to-do list sitting right next to me. I need to become more productive and I am going to change my routine in order to do this; I have made a declaration to the world, so now I have to do it! This got me thinking, if I made a ‘how to’ post on how to get organised through a new routine, it will also remind me of what I need to do to become more productive and maybe it will help other people as well.

After my degree, I feel a bit lost, you can’t magically get your dream job after you have a degree; it doesn’t guarantee any of that. To become a qualified teacher, which is what I ultimately want to be, I need to do a postgraduate course; but I need to pass some skills tests. So at the minute, I am preparing for them, applying for jobs and writing blog posts. It gets boring being home every day so I need to get into a routine, like when you are at work; which is difficult when you know you can stay in your pyjamas all day!

How to routine at home

Here are my ways to start a routine from home:


I am definitely not a morning person but on the odd days that I have woken up earlier I feel more awake and this allows for more productivity. I definitely need to change. This is going to be the hardest one to implement; but with a bit of determination, I can do this! I have also read a lot of blogs that have also said this; which makes me think that this is what I am doing wrong. I need to find the motivation from somewhere and the drive to achieve so that I have a reason to get up in the morning. This could be a focus on my career or the blog post that I will be writing about that week, just make sure to wake up!


Planning out what you have to do for the day will make sure that you get the most important things done first and that acquire most of your attention. Making sure that you stay focused and that you can achieve any goals that are set for that day. This is where my weekly planner comes into use; it has sections for an overview of what you need to do for the week; then a to-do list and notes in the back! It is a great way to look at your whole week all at once and makes it easy to plan ahead! I also have a notebook to plan out day to day lists like blog post ideas for the week, making a grid for a blogging checklist is also done in this notebook. I can tick off all of the things relating to my blog as I have done them, for example, taking the photographs for each blog post, making a photo graphic for each blog post etc.  Which I find really useful when making sure your blog post is finished before hitting that published button. These important tasks are better done in the morning because that is when you do.


You have all the time in the world to look after your body and make some healthy changes to your lifestyle; so I need to take this chance to make improvements to ME for a proportion of the day before any of the other priorities take over. As some of you know, I went to Centre Parcs for a week in the middle of July, which is a place full of outdoor and indoor activities to take part in, I did some sort of sport every day, and felt so much better for it. So I might take up swimming as well as some other cardio that I like to do to keep up this healthier lifestyle. I am also a bit too organised with exercise routines too just because I love stationery; I normally make a grid and write down all the exercises I do and for how long and how many. That way you can try to increase the amount and length over time and gives you an overview of how much you have improved during that week or month!


Tidying your work space before you start working will help you achieve more of those; when I was at university with my own desk; it really helped to clear all of that off before starting any university work. This helps have a more organised place where you can find things easily when you need them! I wish I had a desk in my room at home, but when I left college, I thought I was too cool for a desk, so I got rid of it! So there is not really a space in my house to do work, which is why I am currently sitting on the sofa typing this out! I really should get an organised space for working, especially when I might be doing another degree in September.


How do you make sure you have a routine when being at home? Any other people out there who don’t really know what they are doing with their life now that university has finished?