Refresh Weekly Planner: The Planner That I've Fallen In Love With

Thanks to in search of sheila's blogging giveaway that she did a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win the Refresh Weekly Planner and I think this has been great for my work. I was so happy when I had found out I had won, I never win anything! And as a stationery lover, I was excited to try out something different and I have used it more than my bullet journal this month, (which I am shocked about too, don't worry!)


Refresh Weekly Planner: The Planner That I've Fallen In Love With

How I Have Been Using It

There is a double page spread for monthlies which I have been using to write down all my appointments and work placements that I have been getting. I have been colour coding them with my lovely Tombow Dual Brush pens because who doesn't like to have a colour scheme? It makes the monthly page look colourful and I can see what the different things are that I have planned as they are clearly marked and coloured (unfortunately I can't show you as the information is confidential), but I feel that it has worked really well to make sure that I track how much I have worked that month.   


The weeklies have space for what you are doing in the morning and afternoon of that specific day and another side where you can write what you need to do that day. I have been writing down anything that I need to remember around work. The notes section on the side is great for adding the colour scheme as a key so I don't forget what colour means what. 


What I Like

  • I like that there are goal sections at the start and throughout the book, there is a space to reflect on them which is so helpful and keeps you on task throughout the month to make sure that you stay on track.

  • There are dividers with each of the months so you can flick through to easily between months. It is so handy for flicking through quickly to find the week that you need. I want to make this a feature of my own bullet journal now, (I may have to get creative somehow).

  • The monthly boxes are big enough to write everything I need in them and the weeklies have a great space for to do lists.

What I Don't Like

  • There's always going to be something that you don't like about a planner that you are using. But fortunately, there is only one thing I don't like. The notebook is quite thick and heavy so I don't feel it is a great fit for a handbag as it is way too bulky. So it is a home planner rather than take me everywhere with you. But I am ok with that, I can have it open on my desk and add to it as the days go on.

What planners are you loving right now?