19 Things I Wanna Do In 2019

I have decided against New Year’s resolutions this year. I never stick with them anyway so I don’t believe in setting myself up for failure already… I do love goal setting as much as the next person but I like doing them on a month basis as goals change and once they’ve been achieved you can move onto another one.

There are things I wanna do in 2019 that I think I need to document as a kinda bucket list for the whole year! Probably gunna copy this list into my bullet journal because that is just something that I would do!

19 Things I Wanna Do In 2019

19 Things I Wanna Do In 2019 Page Spread Explained

#1 get a full time job

Now that I know that teaching is definitely for me I am ready to get my own class! I wanna start making this a priority in the new year and start actively looking for the right school and class for me!

#2 Change my hair colour

I want to try something a bit different from what I’ve normally done with my hair. I’ve been thinking maybe doing an ombré sort of thing where it gets gradually blonder as it goes down! I just love to change things up now and again.

#3 Start a capsule wardrobe

I’ve seen The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles start their own capsule wardrobe and I think they are a fantastic idea making all your clothes go with each other and buying items that will be for the long haul.

#4 Experiment with new art styles/materials

I always want to grow and my artwork is normally a priority that I want to explore each year. Last year I was focusing on mandalas as I have really loved patterns and incorporating those within Disney characters. This year I want to start adding watercolours to these pieces and maybe start sketching again. I used to love realism but I fell out of love with it last year so I might bring that back too. You can also follow me on my art Instagram account @design.inspire.yes where I share my latest art projects.

#5 Read six books

I read 3 books in 2018 so I would love to double that in the new year. I want to read a mixture of fiction and non fiction too so that I mix up my genres a bit. I love a fantasy romance but I also want to learn something new about blogging or social media too so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments!

#6 Make a blogging friend

I really want to get more involved with the blogging community this year and make some friends. I haven’t got any in real life friends that blog so it would be amazing to chat to bloggers who understand the work that it requires over a cuppa tea whilst taking lifestyle photos!

#7 Take my mum to see The Lion King the musical

My mum has been on at seeing this musical for years now, I saw it back at school as there was a trip that I went on, so I know how amazing it is. But I would love to go with her so she can experience the magic as well!

#8 Go abroad

I love exploring new places so it is quite predictable that I’ve put this here. I’m not really fussy where I just wanna go somewhere I’ve never been before!

#9 Get 30,000 page views

I got 17,000 views in 2018 which was over double from last year, so I want to make more effort to get traffic to my blog!

#10 Practise Photography

I have some books to help me improve my photography skills and I definitely want to start going out with my camera a lot more this year! I might to need to invest in some light boxes this year too, to up my flatlay game- I wish I had two bedrooms!

#11 Continue with yoga

Unfortunately the teacher who I used to do yoga with has ended the classes so I need to make sure I find somewhere else to do and also find some Youtube videos. I find yoga really helps me to relax and keep everyday stresses low, which is vital for my health!

#12 Find a skincare routine that works for my skin

My skin has been feeling really dry lately, so I need to find something to hydrate my skin as well as making it less dry and oily-which seems a really weird combination?

#13 Stay off social media

I want to limit the amount of time I spend on social media, I definitely feel more creative and productive when I am not on it all the time. I would love to spend more time doing the things I love and living in the moment. This seems quite counterproductive considering I need social media to grow my blog. But if I’m not creating there is nothing I can grow- see my dilemma here? I would much rather focus on the creative aspect and use scheduling sites to promote it through my social media pages. I have even created a phone tracking page of how much time I’ve been on my phone that day-hopefully by seeing it written down it will prevent me from going on it.

#14 Start Saving for a house

I need to start thinking about bigger things this year and put money away each month so that I don’t need to scrounge off my parents for the rest of my life.

#15 Celebrate my 25th birthday in style

Not sure how yet but I’m a quarter of a century this year so this means I need to do something extra special! Any ideas would be welcomed in the comments below.

#16 Keep a blogging schedule

I really want to make sure I post at least once a week- if it’s any more than that then it’s a bonus- but I do want to make sure I’m more consistent!

#17 Keep a balanced social/work life

Don’t let one aspect control the other as that’s not healthy. I need to say yes to going out and also make sure that I have some down time to relax too! I am too used to letting one slip- when I’m focused on work that’s all I do and when I want a social life my work slips- I need to make sure I have the best of both worlds so that I don’t burn out.

#18 Keep learning new things and skills

I want to keep learning as much as I can because you can never stop learning. I want to learn about ways to grow my blog, new art skills, editing photographs and how to use the manual setting on my camera! I’m definitely going to make learning a priority this year!

#19 Keep loving myself

I had an amazing year last year of putting my needs first and making sure I was happy with my own life and I started working on my passions again and so I should just do more of it!

This is my bucket list for 2019 what’s yours?