6 Awesome Ways To Become Inspired To Be Artistic

Art is very important to me for a lot of reasons, it helps me to relax from any worries I may have within my life. And allows me to escape reality for a while, by getting me away from Netflix and looking at screens all the time. I thought I would write this as a blog post as well as a page so that more of you can read why I love making artwork. 

I have loved art from a very young age, there is something extra special when you see how much you have improved over a period of time. The creativity and freedom that you can express throughout artwork are limitless and there are no boundaries; which I love. This is only a hobby of mine and I just want to keep a little diary of everything that I have done; so that not only do I get the satisfaction of seeing how much I have improved; but I can share it with other like minded people.

Art takes you on a journey and allows you to escape reality for a little bit. Just concentrating on small details that are right in front of you; rather than worrying about day to day shenanigans, always helps me to get through those tougher days.

I remember a time when I didn't do art for a very long time because I let other people dictate what they considered were 'true hobbies' and apparently art wasn't one of them. I soon learned that it isn't about what other people believe but what makes you happy. And if you enjoy doing something then it shouldn't stop you from fulfilling it in some way.  

I have learnt not to let anyone tell me what I should consider a hobby. If art allows me to be myself and express myself creatively then I'm going to do it. Even if you don't hear from me for 10 hours (yeh that has happened before). 

 6 Ways to be Inspired to be Artistic


Pinterest is filled with artwork, you can just type in any work you'd like to see in the search bar and hundreds will appear on the newsfeed. Once you have found the object, animal, person you'd like to draw then you can go and find a reference image or your own image to start copying it.


There are so many art accounts on Instagram to get inspired and meet new people with the same interests as you. Although make sure that you do not copy their work without their permission first.

4 Art instagrams that I love are:


You can type into google what you want to draw and there will be loads of reference images that you could use. When I want to draw animals or celebrities I will go to Disney to get the reference image to copy so that I can have something to refer too. I cannot draw things from memory, I find it impossible so this really helps to get some ideas!


There are so many art blogs, just type it into Google, and many search options will appear, or find your favourite Instagram accounts and see if they have a blog or website linked up to their account.


You can draw landscapes, animals, people who are around you to create some artwork. There is so much that can be drawn, you just need to grab a pencil and a sketchbook. Even a doodle is great if you have a busy day. I love taking pictures of the environment, and I could start a drawing from these images.


Try something new, maybe it's a new style of painting, or if you only have drawn landscapes, try a portrait drawing. There are no boundaries in art and that is what I love. If you get a creative block in one area of art, do something different for a while and then go back to it. Be inspired to do whatever you think up in that moment.

What gets you inspired?