West End Live 2018

West End Live is a yearly free event that takes place in London’s Trafalgar Square as a way to get to see different west end shows that you might potentially want to see. This was my third year seeing this show and it didn’t disappoint. I hadn’t heard of most of these musicals and it was nice to add to my already large list of musicals to watch. I had a brilliant day sitting on the fountain in Trafalgar square right next to the Pimms o’clock tent. The weather was warm but cloudy and the atmosphere was brilliant as well. It always is at this event though, everyone dancing and singing along to all these brilliantly written songs and the performers are so talented.

West End Live 2018

West End Live 2018

Brief Encounter

I went to see this and even though it is one that I would not normally go and see, they were plenty of comical and the acting was pretty good. It is about an encounter with two people who start out as friends and it turns into something romantic. 3/10 it wasn’t for me but doesn’t mean other people won’t like it.

Disney’s the Lion King

I love their performance every time that I have been to West End Live. Their voices are amazing and I would go and see the Lion King again and again if money would allow! It is based on Disney’s classic and it does not disappoint! 10/10 would recommend!

Matilda The Musical

This musical has always been on my list of ones to watch that I haven’t got around to viewing yet. The girls that play Matilda have always been so talented and I used to love reading the book as a child. It is based on Roald Dahl’s book.

Heathers The Musical

This musical had a huge fan base and I never even heard of it before but the songs and storyline seem like something that I would love to go and see. It is based on the 1988 cult film Heathers (which I want to see now) about some girls in high school and the drama that unfolds there.

west End Live

Knights of the Rose

I do love a rock musical. With songs from Bon Jovi,  Muse, Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, sounds like an amazing soundtrack that I would love to see! When they need to fight the greatest battle, will love and honour triumph? 

A Spoonful of Sherman

This is based on the author of Sherman and they sing all the songs that they have written and if your a Mary Poppins fan or Winnie the Pooh then you will love the soundtrack of this musical. 


The soundtrack to this musical seemed like so much fun and I was hooked from the first song!  Eugenius is a love story with some great sounds of the 80's! It looked so good and hopefully, I will get a chance to see it when it comes back in September!  

Madagascar The Musical

This musical looks amazing and is based on the film Madagascar. With the very talented Matt Terry playing Alex, what more do you need to be persuaded to see this musical!

I have got so many new musicals to go and see, what is on your list?