What Have I Learnt About Daily Blogging

I have loved this learning curve through daily blogging, I have learnt so much about myself and what this little corner of the internet means to me. I am not afraid of it anymore and I want people to know about it. I work damn hard to make this blog easy to use, visually appealing and helpful to other people. I write for myself with the view to help others who have similar interests to me. I want this place to be a comfortable place where you can come and read blog posts whilst drinking your cuppa tea and escaping the rest of the world for a bit. I like to put what I am thinking out there, what I have learnt, and advice to my readers.

Daily blogging has been a challenge and I didn’t really go in with a clear idea of how much work it will actually take to write 30 posts, take pictures and make sure that the format, structure, creating infographics and interlinking other blog posts were present in each blog post. There are so many elements of blogging that most people don’t really consider and having to do 30 of them this month made me realise how my knowledge about blogging has evolved over time.

What Have I Learnt About Daily Blogging

What Have I Learnt About Daily Blogging

I Get More Ideas For My Blog

I was always scared that if I wrote blog posts every day that I wouldn’t have any other ideas for content for the other months. How wrong was I? I have actually been able to think of more ideas and how I want to start including my chosen categories into my blog more. I have found more motivation to bring out more blog posts than less. And I am so happy it happened this way because I was so worried that I would get burned out.

I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To

I can do anything that I put my mind to, 30 blog posts was a lot of work to accomplish and I am so glad I have managed to complete my first every daily blog challenge to mark my 1 year anniversary of my blog. I just need to apply this mentality to other aspects of my life and then there will be no stopping as to what I can do.

I Hate English Weather

I kinda knew this before… but when you have 30 posts to get pictures for, the weather plays an important part in when you can do this. I don’t have fancy lighting so I rely on ‘nice’ weather to help me get these photos. Most of the time whilst writing these blog posts it has been raining and I have had to bulk take a lot of flat-lay pictures whenever there was a hint of some nice weather so that I could get all the pictures that I needed.

Have Kept To Shorter Blog Posts

I have been writing shorter posts than I would, probably because I have had to write so many and maybe they haven’t gone into as much detail in some blogs as I would have normally. But that brings me onto the next one…

Write Blog Posts That Don’t Require too Much Depth

The subjects that I have chosen to write about to be able to do this haven’t required some in-depth 1000 blog post to go with it, so there was no need to write that much. So that meant any thought-provoking ones went out the window, and they are the ones that I love writing about. They take a long time to complete though so I couldn’t have stuck with writing just them daily. I needed shorter snappier posts for this task.

Final Thoughts,

I enjoyed writing some more content for my blog and get my posts over that 100 blog posts mark and I have finally done it! I would definitely try this again, maybe do a bullet journal month to get some more posts for those categories that I am a little bit lacking on. I have so much love for blogging and it has very much grown throughout this process, but I want to get back into the more thoughtful blog post writing and write from my heart rather than these fluffier ones. So BRB while I go plan out something a little bit different for next month.

What have you learnt from blogging daily?