What I Have Learnt About My Blog/Social Media From Looking At The Stats

This week I have been looking at my blogging statistics on my google analytics and been writing down my page views I get for the whole month and what I get on specific days. January was the month that I got a massive boost in my traffic thanks to one of my pins on Pinterest getting 2k repins (that is never going to happen again). To this day I don’t know what I did to deserve that so I’m just considering that as a fluke. I have also have been look Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter statistics to see where to improve on next.

I don’t blog because of the numbers I blog because I generally love having a space on the internet to share my thoughts and things that I love doing. I just thought it would be interesting to see how my blog is getting on and that it is improving, it must be the teacher in me always looking for progress!

What I Have Learnt About My Blog/Social Media From Looking At The Stats

What I Have Learnt About My Blog/Social Media From Looking At The Stats

I've been averaging 2,000-3,000 views a month on my blog these last 3 months

This amazed me! I never thought I would have this many people tune in to my blog each month. I am always looking for ways to get people to read it because that is one of the main reasons to have a blog; even if my blog helped one person that would make me happy. But seriously 2000+ people, that’s insane! I can’t even publically talk to that many people without having a panic attack.

Group Boards On Pinterest

Ever since I have joined a handful of group boards it has made my views go up so much! Pinterest is such a powerful tool and I haven’t quite worked out how to make it boost my traffic yet. But from just one pin getting 2k repins, it boosted my blog views up so much. Sharing to group boards help you reach a greater audience and there are so many different ones out there, so you will definitely be able to find one that relates to your blog. I have joined lifestyle and creative boards because that is what I blog about here. You can also join my Pinterest board for lifestyle bloggers too if you like. I have also found that my bullet journal posts are the most popular on this site so when I write about the bullet journal I make up to 4 pins so that there are more to share for that particular blog post.

Mondays, Wednesdays And Saturdays Are My Best Page Views Days

And I don’t even post on these days; this has made me rethink the best times/days I should be posting on. I think that I am going to be changing to these days and posting them on the morning of that day instead of the evening. But they also may be my best days because I have posted a blog post at 5 pm the night before and that’s when people get around to reading it. SO I think I need to have a play around with my schedule to see what works. Don’t worry I am still going to try and post 3 times a week.

What I Have Learnt About My Blog/Social Media From Looking At The Stats

Not Many People Who Aren’t Following Me See My Hashtags

Yes, Instagram’s algorithm gets mentioned again in the 50 millionth blog post! I don’t know what Instagram is doing, but I looked at how many people who don’t follow me see my post and it was none on the particular day I looked at this. Either the hashtags I use are bad, or Instagram was having a particularly bad engagement day. Also, I tried a tip from Sara Tasker’s (@me_and_orla) Instagram about geotagging and hashtagging your Instagram stories to get more views, omg it works so well. I was averaging about 30 views per story, then I tried Sara’s tip and that got me 370 views! I will be doing that from now on!

What have your stats taught you?